This year Weaver will be participating in a program developed through the M.I.N.D. Institute (Music, Intelligence, Neural Development). Dr. Gordon Shaw, from the University of California at Irvine, along with other research scientists, have developed this program. Dr. Shaw"s research on music and brain function made headlines in 1993 as the co-discoverer of the "Mozart Effect". His findings suggest that music training increases the ability to achieve success in math.

Years of research by the MIND Institute scientists have proven that music can enhance how we think and create through spatial temporal reasoning. This spatial temporal reasoning is crucial in the areas of math and science.

Second grade students will be participating in the program twice each week and third grade students will be participating once each week. Specialized computer software will be used with these students in the Media Center. In addition, 20 piano keyboards have been added to our music room. Students will be receiving beginning instruction in piano as part of their music instruction

M.I.N.D. Institute is an example of how parental involvement works at Weaver. We are able to feature this fine program thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Weaver.