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McAuliffe staff and parents believe in providing a rigorous, nurturing, and active learning environment for all children that ensures personal success, a life-long desire to learn, and civic responsibility.
 "Igniting unlimited possibilities for students!" 



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     Welcome Back Students and Parents!



    “0” period classes: Will begin on the first day of school, Wednesday, 9/2 at 7:45 AM. Students taking classes at LAHS start class on the same day at 7:48 AM. 

    Textbook Checkout: Textbooks will be checked out the first 4 days of school during class. Please have your 7th or 8th grade students bring last year’s ID (if they have it) to help facilitate the checkout process. 

    Lockers: Will be issued during the first 3 days of school, 9/2-9/4. Returning students are encouraged to use their locks from previous years.

    PE Clothes: Will be issued in PE classes on 9/4 through 9/8.

    Drop Off and Pick-Up Information: The two school parking lots (Bloomfield Ave. and Cerritos Ave.) are busy with cars/trucks as fewer students are riding busses.

    Bloomfield Lot:

    AM drop-off between 8:15 and 8:45 AM is recommended. You may experience some delay exiting the lot onto Bloomfield due to the signal light at the Bloomfield/Cerritos intersection.

    PM drop-off between 3:10 and 3:25 PM is busy. If you arrive early to park in a stall, you may find your exit blocked by a waiting vehicle. If you arrive closer to 3:25, you will find less traffic. Again, exiting the lot onto Bloomfield may be slow due to the light at the intersection. It is our hope that courtesy and patience will carry the day. An alternative pick-up location is the church parking lot east of the school.

    Cerritos Lot:

    AM drop-off between 8:15 and 8:35 AM is recommended. Buses should arrive between 8:35 and 8:45 AM and their arrival prohibits other vehicles entering the lot. However, the Cerritos curb is “white” and vehicles may drop off and pick up at anytime.

    PM pick-up is prohibited between 3:00 and 3:25 PM to permit bus entry and exit. Vehicles may park in visitor space and along the Cerritos white curb. The church parking lot to the east of the school is also available for pick-up.

    Traffic seems to be the busiest the first two weeks of school until ALL figure out how things work. Please be patient and courteous.

    Gold Ribbon Seal

    We are proud to announce that

    McAuliffe Middle School has been selected to receive California’s 2015 Gold Ribbon Schools Award. It takes a village to provide our students with the very best education possible and we thank you for all of your support—it is truly extraordinary! This award wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of all of our students, staff and parents. For more information, please visit the California Gold Ribbon Schools Program on the California Department of Education’s Website.

    Great Job Eagles!

    Want to plan ahead for the year? The McAuliffe Student Calendar for the 2015-16 school year is now available. The elementary and high school calendars are also available on the district website.


    Want to know more about what McAuliffe has to offer its students? Interested in sending your student to McAuliffe? Find out more about our school by clicking here.  
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Principal's Message

Ann Allen, PrincipalWelcome back to all of you for what I hope was a beautiful and restful summer break!  

Annie Allen



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