District API 922 - Igniting Unlimited Possibilities for Students!

  • Los Al has a long-standing legacy of excellence in Academics, Athletics, Activities, and the Arts. All District schools have been honored as California Distinguished Schools and Gold Ribbon Schools. With a District API of 922, highly-talented teachers and staff ensure that students are prepared for unlimited possibilities now and following high school graduation. We are honored to serve the entire District Community - a great place to live, work, and go to school!


  • Only district in OC and 1 of 4 in the US on the College Board's AP Honor Roll 7 years in a row

    Post-secondary education enrollment 90+%
    93 National Merit Scholars in the last five years
    Small Class Sizes:  (K-3) 24:1 and (4-12) 32:1
    Six-time National Champion Show Choir
    160+ Division 1 Scholar Athletes in the last 5 years
    277+ Sunset League and 19+ CIF Championships
    World Champion Cheer Team
    National Champion Song Team
    LAHS Band, Drama, Improv, Robotics, & Model United Nations excelled in local and State competitions 


  • Beginning Wednesday, March 18 
    Los Alamitos Unified's Online Learning Portal
    Students and families will use the Learning Connection website to navigate resources and access school-site, grade-level curriculum. 




    10,000 Students, 1,700 Employees, Nine Schools,

    Three Distinct Communities, One Mission...
    Igniting Unlimited Possibilities! 
    • Award Winning Schools
    • High-Quality Teachers & Staff
    • Visionary Board of Education
    • Safe and Nurturing Campuses
    • Innovative & Engaging Culture
    • Unparalleled Preparation for College & Career Opportunities
    • Unified Preschool through High School Experience
    • Universal Spirit of Excellence
    • 21st Century Technology
    • Elite Visual & Performing Arts
    • National Caliber Athletics
    • Robust Clubs & Activities
    • Unprecedented Family & Community Involvement
    • Modernized Facilities — On Time and On Budget


    National Blue Ribbon      Calif Distinguished School    Gold Ribbon Schools   Calif Golden Bell    CBEE       
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    Staff Recognition:
    Tina Fenner - Classified Employee of the Year - Office & Technical
    Danny Salas - Classified Employee of the Year - Maintenance, Operations & Facilities
    Carrie Weil - Classified Employee of the Year - Para-Educator & Instructional Assistance
    Nicole Walters - Teacher of the Year
    Elvia Galicia - Administrator of the Year



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    (562) 344-5498
    (562) 475-4188 


Hall of Fame: Accomplished Alumni

  • Hall of Fame

    2014 Jacob (Jake) Nix (MLB – San Diego Padres)

    2013 Megan Geer (NPF – Akron Racers)

    2012 Rachel Fattal (Gold Medal Olympian – Water Polo)

    2010 Shaquille Richardson (NFL – Pittsburgh Steelers)

    2009 Sarah Ramos (Actress – "Parenthood")

    2007 Sotiris Eliopoulos (Musician – Mt. Joy)

    2007 Myles Jeffrey (Actor – "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire", Teen Jeopardy Semi-Finalist)

    2006 Landry Fields (NBA – New York Knicks)

    2006 Clayton Snyder (Actor – "Lizzie McGuire")

    2005 Chase d’Arnaud (MLB – Boston Red Sox)

    2005 Stacey Nelson (NPF – Washington Glory)

    2005 Orlando Scandrick (NFL – Dallas Cowboys)

    2004 Antoine Cason (NFL – San Diego Chargers)

    2004 Amanda Lund (Actress – “Goosebumps”)

    2002 Jonathan Bornstein (Querétaro Fútbol Club)

    2002 Kayla Ewell (Actress – "The Vampire Diaries")

    2001 Michael Munoz (MLS – LA Galaxy)

    2001 Mike Patterson (NFL – Philadelphia Eagles)

    2000 Christopher Kluwe (NFL – Minnesota Vikings)

    1999 Bernard Riley (NFL – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

    1999 Keenan Howry (CFL - Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

    1999 Jodie Sweetin (Actress – “Full House”)

    1998 Jaqueline “Jackie” Frank DeLuca (Olympian)

    1998 Matthew Embree (Musician – Rx Bandits)

    1998 Joe Troy (Musician – Rx Bandits)

    1997 Taryn Manning (Actress – "Orange is the new Black", Singer, Producer)

    1997 Matthew Morrison (Actor – "Glee", Producer, Director)

    1997 Ifeanyi Ohalete (NFL – Washington Redskins)

    1997 Chris Tsgakis (Musician – Rx Bandits)

    1996 Kevin Feterik (CFL – Calgary Stampeders)

    1996 Lauren German (Actress – "Lucifer")

    1996 Tony Hartley (AFL – Los Angeles Avengers)

    1996 Pecro Pascal (Actor – “Narcos”)

    1995 Scott Klopfenstein (Musician – Reel Big Fish)

    1995 Brooks Wackerman (Musician – Avenged Sevenfold)

    1993 Monique Powell (Musician – Save Ferris)

    1993 Dante Basco (Actor – “Hook”)

    1993 Tim Carey (AFL – New England Sea Wolves)

    1992 Aaron Barrett (Musician – Reel Big Fish)

    1992 Terron Brooks (Singer, Songwriter, Actor)

    1992 Nicole "Nikki" Monninger (Musician – Silversun Pickups)

    1990 Stephanie J. Block (Actress, Singer)

    1989 Jason Lewis (Actor – “Sex in the City”)

    1988 Mike Kelly (MLB – Atlanta Braves)

    1988 Susan Egan Hartmann (Actress, Singer)

    1987 Robb Nen (MLB – San Francisco Giants)

    1986 J.T. Snow (MLB – San Francisco Giants)

    1981 Rhonda Schwandt (Gold Medal Gymnast)

    1981 Joe Escalante (Musician – The Vandals, Owner Kung Fu Records)

    1979 Cathy Cavadini (Voice Actress – “Powderpuff Girls”)

    1978 Kelly McCormick (Olympic Diver)

    1975 Ron Cassidy (NFL – Green Bay Packers)

    1975 Craig Chamberlain (MLB – Kansas City Royals)

    1975 Lynne Cox (World Record Open Water Swimmer, Author)

    1974 Greg Harris (MLB – Montreal Expos)

    1973 Bayless Conley (Founder, Cottonwood Church)

    1971 Cathy Rigby McCoy (Olympic Gymnast, Actress)

    1970 Craig Nickoloff (founder, Claim Jumper)


    Accomplished Alumni

    Arts: 2010 Kit Armstrong (Composer), 1971 Jan Fischer Burke (award-winning mystery novelist)

    Culinary: 1996 Michael Muser (Sommelier, Grace Restaurant Owner)

    Ed.D: Dr. Ari Linden, Dr. Michelle Kimmel

    Entertainment: 1998 Scott Aukerman (Producer/Director – “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis”), 1985 Tom Bancroft (Walt Disney Animation), 1985 Tony Bancroft (Walt Disney Feature Animation), 1990 Priest “Soopafly” Brooks (Hip Hop Producer)

    Medicine: 2008 Dr. Lauren Heit, DVM; 2004 Dr. Jennifer Neeper, M.D.; 2004 Dr. Jeff Turner, M.D.; 2001 Dr. Misha Heller, M.D.; 2000 Dr. Yagil Barazani, M.D.; 1999 Dr. Joshua Noel, M.D.; 1998 Dr. Candace Basich, M.D.; 1998 Dr. Monica Ralli, M.D.; 1996 Dr. Jennifer Benedict, M.D.; 1996 Dr. Charles Brodsky, DDS; 1996 Dr. Sonya Ralli, M.D.; 1996 Dr. Ryan Wong, M.D.; 1994 Dr. Patricia Liao, M.D.; 1993 Dr. Mark Tran, M.D.; 1992 Dr. Dorcas Tsang, O.D.; 1991 Dr. Shirvinda Wijesekera, M.D.; 1990 Dr. Carlos Jorge, M.D.; Dr. Vishakha Vora Gigler, M.D.; Dr. Shakha Vora Gillin, M.D.; 1989 Dr. Richard Yoo, M.D.; 1979 Dr. William Poe, DDS; Dr. Justin Heller, M.D.; Dr. David Liao, M.D., Dr. Nilesh Vora, M.D.

    Ph.D: 2007 Dr. Monica McCallum, 2003 Dr. Millika Thomas, 2001 Dr. Joseph Davis, 1996 Dr. Steven Oliver, 1995 Dr. Lorraine Sadler, Dr. Erika Artukovic, Dr. Kevin Bundy, Dr. Suhas Chelian, Dr. Janna Shackeroff, Dr. David Snyder, Dr. Diane Wong


    Wall of Valor

    2004 SGT Thomas McPherson Killed in combat October 12th 2012 in Afghanistan


    Accomplished Griffins Working For Los Al

    2013 Megan Coats (EDCC Supervisor)

    2011 Luke Mizuki (Teacher)

    2011 Austin Feliciano (EDCC Assistant)        

    2011 Kaytlin Sutherland (Intervention Teacher)

    2010 Emily Dahlen (Teacher)

    2010 Brittney Sinko (Teacher)

    2010 Marielle Hanley (Instructional Aide – Special Education)

    2010 Tayler Martin (Instructional Aide – Special Education)

    2009 Lindsey Gardner (Teacher)

    2009 Nathan Berger (Teacher)

    2009 Eric Foremski (Kids Korner)

    2008 Jessica (Kaub) Grimaud (Teacher)

    2007 Greg Snyder (Teacher)

    2006 Kelly Peters (EDC Supervisor)

    2006 Michelle (Bourdaa) Arnold (Teacher)

    2005 Stephanie (Ricks) Wyatt (Attendance Clerk)

    2005 Brent Thomas (Teacher)

    2005 Jessica Root (EDCC Assistant)

    2005 Tracy Lundblad (Teacher)

    2005 Lauren LaVache (Teacher)

    2005 Kirk Koch (Instructional Assistant-Media & Technology)

    2004 Ashley Tarutis (Teacher)

    2003 Nicole Manly

    2001 Kate (Pearson) Studt (EDC Lead Assistant)

    2001 Sonia Buenrostro (Teacher)

    2001 Eddie Courtemarche (Teacher)

    2000 Monique Galvan (Food Services)

    2000 Sara (De Coudres) Carinchi (Teacher)

    2000 Jon Grillo (Teacher)

    1999 Jill (Carpenter) Shafer (Teacher)

    1999 James Contreras (Teacher)

    1999 Maureen (McMullen) Charlesworth (Teacher)

    1998 Yolanda (Chaddock) Mortensen (EDCC Supervisor)

    1998 Amanda Nelson (Teacher)

    1998 Denielle Phillips (Teacher)

    1997 Daniel Bennett (Educational Technology Coordinator)

    1997 Brandi (DeMatteo) Amundson (Teacher)

    1997 Jennifer (Ferguson) Pagett (Teacher)

    1996 Henry Awad (Teacher)

    1996 Devin Workman (Information Systems Specialist)

    1996 Michael Kahn (LAEF Program Manager)

    1996 Andrea (Long) Garcia (Teacher)

    1996 Jennifer (Rinella) Holland (Teacher)

    1996 Erin (Nesbitt) Erice (Teacher)

    1995 Cassandra (Tovares) Palacios (District Nurse)

    1995 Heidi (Pelle) Pelle-Reid (Education Specialist)

    1995 Tiffani Orozco (Teacher)

    1995 Laura (Gonzalez) Andersen (Teacher)

    1994 Shelby Olmstead (Teacher)

    1994 Melissa (Ferretti) Chambers (Teacher)

    1994 Brandon Hart (Teacher)

    1994 Katherine (Sadler) Marechal (Teacher)

    1993 Tamara Elenes (EDC Supervisor)

    1993 Erin (MacArthur) Fuller (Teacher)

    1993 Julie (Murphy) Lynes (Intervention Teacher)

    1992 Eric Anderson (Teacher)

    1992 Tanya (Yosanovich) Simundza (Teacher)

    1992 Kyle Pagett (Teacher)

    1991 Cherie (Gietzen) Aniceto (Teacher)

    1991 Shauna Stokes (Substitute Teacher)

    1990 Carrie Callaway (Teacher)

    1989 Kimberly (Horn) Baldwin (LAUSD Personnel Commissioner)

    1989 Chris Burnett (Teacher)

    1989 Elizabeth (Sharp) Crabtree (Intervention Teacher)

    1988 Wendy (Elenes) Hernandez (Clerical Assistant II)

    1988 Debbie (Aragon) Redmond (Media Center Instructional Assistant)

    1988 Kimberly Bissell (Teacher)

    1987 Adrianne Chavez (Instructional Aide – EL)

    1987 Traci (Engel) Martin (Teacher)

    1986 Jeanne (Allard) Harris (Teacher)

    1985 Bart Smith (Teacher)

    1985 Traci (Walker) Rynski (Teacher)

    1985 RoseAnna Torres (Instructional Aide – Special Education)

    1984 Tracy Blankenship (CDC Lead Teacher)

    1984 Lori Avalos (Teacher)

    1984 Laura (Upham) Conroy

    1984 Kirsten Jensen Psy. D (School Counselor)

    1983 Phil Avalos (Head Custodian)

    1983 Peggy (Beckett) Wilkins (Teacher)

    1982 Nadine Correa (Teacher)

    1982 Jacqueline (Gigandet) Post (Teacher)

    1980 Erin (James) Broersma (Teacher)

    1980 June (Maeda) Uyekawa (EDC Instructional Assistant)

    1980 Suzanne (Kelly) Ybarra (Teacher)

    1979 Laura (Johns) Frangiamore (Teacher)

    1978 Nancy (Guardado) Cabrera (Clerical Assistant)

    1978 Alys (Mullen) Dickson (Teacher)

    1978 Tebby (Severe) Harrington (Teacher)

    1976 Rob Main (Teacher)

    1975 Tony Avalos (Maintenance Supervisor)

    1975 Camila Jolly (Teacher)

    1974 Marcia (Clasby) Fries (Teacher on Special Assignment)

    1974 Pam (Nixon) Foremski (Library/Media Technician)

    1974 Catherine (Seigman) Severin (Instructional Aide – Special Education)

    1972 John Buezis (Boys Athletic Equipment Manager)

    1971 Tamara (Leviton) Lundblad (Counselor)

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