• ¡Bienvenidos a las clases de español con la Srta. Flores! I look forward to having a great year with all of you!
    2019-2020 School Year:  AP Spanish Language and Culture; Spanish 2H; Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1



    *It is HIGHLY encouraged that students expose themselves to the language through various means: watching TV, listening to music, practicing thier Spanish with others in the community and/or with family members, etc.

    *Check Google Classroom daily for homework, notes, updates, announcements, etc. that pertains to the class.



    Reach me at: 
    Phone: 562-799-4780, ext. 82706
    Email: iflores@losal.org


    Daily Schedule and Google Class Codes:
    Period 1- Spanish II Honors (1jcbty)
    Period 2- Spanish for Spanish Speakers I (z8sj5p)
    Period 3- Spanish II Honors (fjg5pz6)
    Period 4- Spanish II Honors (9uciot)
    Period 5- AP Spanish Languange & Culture (v3sy01)
    Period 6- Conference