Formal Dance Form
    Formal Dance Guest Form
    (for non-student applying to attend a LAHS dance)


    Los Alamitos High School prides itself in putting together outstanding formal and school dances with many entertaining activities. This year, both the Winter Formal and Prom again promise to be well-organized, enjoyable events. The staff and administration of Los Alamitos High School want students to experience a drug and alcohol-free dance. To support this goal, LAHS is strictly enforcing discipline involving substance abuse.

    As you are aware – possession, use, furnishing, selling or being under the influence of a controlled substance or an alcoholic beverage while going to or coming from the dance, or while attending the dance, are grounds for disciplinary action, including suspension and/or possible expulsion. Other forms of misconduct described by school and district rules are subject to the same forms of discipline. Students observed during the course of formal dance activities to be in possession of, using, selling, furnishing, or under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances will be questioned and given an opportunity to provide their version of the incident. Students and guests will participate in a  breathalyzer test and he/she will be admitted if he/she passes; however, students who test positive for alcohol on the breathalyzer, or students suspected to be “under the influence” will be removed from the dance. The parents of that student will be contacted to come and pick up the student. Any student under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any school dance will not be allowed to attend the next school dance.

    Groups of students often gather together and rent a bus/limo to transport them to and from the dance. Unfortunately, alcohol has been discovered on some of these buses/limos during recent formal dances. Additionally, at past dances students have revealed that alcohol has been served at home prior to the dance. Alcohol consumption prior to or at any school event will not be tolerated. Therefore, every party bus/limo bringing students to a dance will be searched by school assigned personnel. If any alcohol is found, no students on the bus/limo will be admitted to the dance whether they knew about the alcohol or not. The bus/limo will be sent back to its place of origin and no ticket refunds will be given. It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to ensure that these vehicles remain alcohol and drug-free. We appreciate parent assistance in prohibiting the use of alcohol by students prior to or following any school event.