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            Mrs. Avalos
            Room 44
            Core and History 
    Social Studies- 
    Core -
    6th Grade
    Welcome to McAuliffe and to sixth grade! I am very excited about our year together and I look forward to learning and working together!
    Announcements or this week's homework.... As you begin to prepare for your first day at McAuliffe, please see the supply list below:
       FIVE SUBJECT spiral - spirals with divider pockets are preferred
       5 pocket vertical expander folder - expandable folder or "heavy duty" binder OR a two pocket folder 
       #2 pencils - at least four sharpened ones PER DAY, erasers, and a pencil sharpener with a lid to hold shavings
       highlighters, pens - red, blue or black,
       scissors and glue
       index cards (for studying for tests and quizzes) 
       colored pencils 
       earbuds or headphones for use with Chrome Books - labeled with LAST NAME
       5 pocket vertical expander folder - to be used with all classes - with a divider for Social Studies OR a two-pocket folder 
       pencils - at least 4 sharpened PER DAY, erasers, and red and black or blue pen
       notebook paper - plenty with you always  
       scissors, glue, colored pencils, index cards (for studying for tests and quizzes) 
    Optional Supplies to consider:
       computer mouse for the chromebook
       mini stapler
    * Classroom Donations:  Students that are able to bring classroom supplies will receive an Eagle Express Card!  
       KLEENEX  - large boxes and individual packets
       post-it notes - squares 
       thin dry erase pens 
       candy - no nuts or gum please 
       extra pencils, pens and notebook paper
    Contact Me.... Here are the best ways and times to contact me:
    My conference period is fourth period daily.   I am also available before and after school on most days. Phone: (714) 816-3320, ext. 77244
    Email: lavalos@losal.org
    Period 1 - Literacy Core - Reading - 6
    Period 2 - Literacy Core - Language Arts  - 6
    Period 3 - Core - Reading - 6
    Period 5 - Core - Language Arts - 6
    Period 6 - Social Studies - 6
    Period 7 - Social Studies - 6