• Dutch Windmill
    6th Grade Reading & Language Arts


    Hello McAuliffe students, parents, and family! 
     Check here for the What Did We Do Today in ELA? Page. It will include the weekly agenda and daily slides.  


    Supplies needed (these items will be kept by the student):


    • Headphones or ear buds (to use with Chromebook).  Please label with your name.
    • Computer mouse (to use with Chromebook).  Please label with your name. (Note: I suggest you get an inexpensive one with a cord so the USB portion is not lost)
    • 2-inch (minimum) binder or 5-pocket vertical expandable file folder .  (Note: for binders, a “heavy duty” binder is best and may last the entire year if handled gently.  Zippered binders are fine, but they usually don’t last for the entire year.)
    • Dividers
    • 3 Subject Spiral
    • Pencils (mechanical pencils are fine) and/or erasable pens
    • Highlighters (assortment of colors are encouraged)
    • Eraser 
    • Red pen(s) - used often, so you may need more than one
    • Glue stick
    • Pencil sharpener (with lid to hold shavings)
    • Filler paper (you should always have at least 20 extra sheets)
    • Dry erase pen and small eraser
    • Pencil pouch or supply pocket (with 3 holes to fit in binder)
    • 2-pocket folder
    • Colored pencils


    Optional but helpful supplies:

    • Fine tip felt markers (Washable preferred)
    • Mini Stapler 
    • Scissors
    • 3-hole punch for a binder
    • Index cards
    • Post-its


    Classroom donations are greatly appreciated!

    • Needed classroom supplies include tissue, clorox wipes, post-its, dry erase pens, gently used reading books for the classroom library, and Jolly Ranchers (or other small individually-wrapped candies)



    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:00 - 8:40 am (Weekly Agenda will be updated with any cancellations.)
    After school study halls may be available at teacher's discretion.
    Study hall is available for any student that wants a quiet place to work, read, or use the computer.

    Contact Me

    Email: jvandenberg@losal.org 

    Phone: 714) 816-3320 Ext. 77282


    Period 1: Reading 
    Period 2: Language Arts
    Period 3: Reading (H)
    Period 4: Conference 
    Period 5: Language Arts (H)
    Period 6: Reading
    Period 7: Language Arts 
    I believe that communication is vital for our students' success, if you want to meet before or after school please call or email me so we can set up an appointment.