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    Contemporary Media
    AP Studio 2D: Contemporary Media
    Drawing & Painting
    We hone our creative and critical minds by working through pencils, pens, paints, pastels and a plethora of mark makers, in hope of expanding our ability to come up with visual solutions to the ever subjective subject of two dimensional art. So grab a sketchbook and begin creating. 

    Be sure to check Aeries to see what warm ups and assignments you need to complete in your sketchbooks. 

    Contact Me
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me: 

    Phone: (562) 799-4780 extention 82651 
    Email: ELong@losal.org


    Period 1 - Contemporary Media (room 758)

    Period 2 - Contemporary Media (room 758)

    Period 3 - Contemporary Media & AP Studio (room 758)

    Period 4 - Conference

    Period 5 - Drawing and Painting (room 651)

    Period 6 - Drawing and Painting (room 651)