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    As the curtain goes up on the 2018-2019 school year, Oak Middle School Dramatic Arts is the place to be, where students enjoy a safe environment to explore themselves as human beings, artists, and scholars. Strongly supported by the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Directors, the Arts are flourishing in our district, and Oak Drama is a part of that excitement. Utilizing a new theatre space, the Oak Middle School Red Lion Playhouse, our drama students enter with huge smiles on their faces eager to learn through being on stage.

    What better place than the theatre for exploring creativity, developing communication skills, working collaboratively with people that become lifelong friends, and learning to think critically on their feet. Whether a student is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced drama student there is a place for EVERYONE! Incoming sixth grade students who take "the exploratory wheel" learn what the art of theatre is by doing it. Oak Dramatic Arts students are given the opportunity to participate in three productions a year inclduing the school musical. Oak Middle School Dramatic Arts is so much fun, we hope to see you in class or attending one of our upcoming performances. 




    Period 1  --  7th & 8th Grade Beginning/Intermed-Advanced Drama

    Period 2  --  7th & 8th Grade Beginning/Intermed-Advanced Drama

    Period 3  --  7th & 8th Grade Beginning/Intermed-Advanced Drama

    Period 4  --  7th & 8th Grade Beginning/Intermed-Advanced Drama

    Period 5  --  6th Grade Drama Exploratory Wheel

    Period 6  --  6th Grade Drama Exploratory Wheel

    Period 7  --  Prep Time



    Dr. Joseph Arias, Oak Middle School Dramatic Arts Director 

    What an honor it is for me to join the Oak Middle School Visual & Performing Arts Team! Upon graduation from the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts, and an apprenticeship at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, I set out on the road performing in Broadway musicals for seven years. Appearing in touring shows of Evita with the second Eva on Broadway, Man of La Mancha with Ron Raines, Pacific Overtures with the incomparable Mako, and many more. It was an exciting time!

    I felt called to the Education field, where I have enjoyed being a classroom teacher for over 20 years, twenty of them in Los Alamitos Unified. All of this has prepared me for this dream job as Oak's Drama Director. A native Californian and Long Beach local, giving back to the community that helped me grow and follow my dreams means a lot to me. I truly care about the wellbeing of each and every student.

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    Now, at Oak Middle School, I am working closely with district leaders, community members, faculty, staff, parents, and students to create a state-of-the-art dramatic arts experience for our students in LAUSD. When traveling the world, I am frequently asked, "Wow! You live in Los Angeles, do you see a lot of movie stars walking around?" It usually takes me a moment to realize, yes, we live in the film acting capital of the world. Also, New York City, and Broadway theatre is available to young actors and performers, should they choose that career path. So nowadays I respond, "Yes! I do see many stars walking around. They are my students enrolled in Oak Middle School Dramatic Arts. Keep an eye out for them!"



    Best way to reach Dr. Arias is via e-mail: earias@losal.org

    Phone: (562) 799-4740 x76043



    Oak Middle School Dramatic Arts Students Are Engaged


    Students in Collage  




    2018-2019 Dramatic Arts Production Tentative Schedule


    October 9 & 10, Antigone Now, by Melissa Cooper based on the Greek Tragedy by Sophocles


     November 29 & 30   Musical: Elf (Broadway) (w/Choir)


    January 26  CA Junior Thespian Festival (Hosted by Oak)


    February 12 & 13  Spring Play (TBD)




    The Red Lion Playhouse Oak Dramatic Arts Studio 43


    A blackbox theatre is a simple indoor performance space with plain black walls and a level floor, typically designed to provide flexibility in the configuration of the stage and the audience seating. The new Red Lion Playhouse is patterned after the "blackbox" model. 

    black box is a bare room that can have a movable seating area, a movable stage, and a flexible lighting system. It became popular during the explosion of experimental theatre in the 1960s, when storefronts, church basements, and even old trolley barns suddenly became intimate performance venues. This was an enormous break from the traditionally elaborate proscenium theatres, which still make up the majority of Broadway houses.

    The concept of the black box has its roots in the European avant-garde of the early 20th century, through such pioneers as director/playwright Harley Granville Barker and designer Adolphe Appia. Barker’s ideal was, actually, “a great white box,” a vision that Peter Brook brought to life with his landmark 1970 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

    As per the name, however, black boxes are often painted black and are square or rectangular in shape, with the idea that this is the most neutral setting in which to give productions a wide array of design and staging choices. Below is a photo of The Red Lion Playhouse.


    New Red Lion Red Lion 3

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