• Instrumental Music

    facilitated by

    Mr. Fontaine

                                                          Mr. Fontaine                 

  • **Scheduled Concerts**

    Dec 18th 6:30pm @LosAl High in PAC.    McAuliffe Instrumental Winter Concert (All Groups)

    Feb 28th 3:30pm  @Knotts Berry Farm   Concert in the Park (All Groups)

    Feb 29th 1pm       @LosAl High in Gym.   All District Band Concert (All 4 Bands)

    Feb 29th 5pm       @LosAl High in Gym.   All District Orchestra Concert (Orchestra)

    Mar 4th  6:30pm  @McAuliffe MPR.         McAuliffe Instrumental Spring Concert

    Mar 14th 7pm       @ LosAl High in PAC.  District Jazz Show (Jazz Band)

    Mar 26th TBA        @McAuliffe.                 McAuliffe Open House (Advanced Band & Orchestra)

    May 17th (Sun)4pm @McAuliffe ODAT.     McAuliffe outdoor Concert in the Park (All Groups)    


    LIVE CLASSROOMS will be held via


    8:30-9:30am Mon-Fri


    If you have any questions. The link to the ACTUAL MEETING will be posted in your Google Classroom 2-3min before our meeting time.  


    Please email me if you need to

    set a time to pick up your child's instrument from McAuliffe.   


    Performances that are currently tentative as we implement all saftey precautions.

    May 9nd (Sat) Lakewood Jazz Festival (Jazz Band)   

    May 17th (Sun)4pm @McAuliffe ODAT.     McAuliffe outdoor Concert in the Park (All Groups) 



    For instrument rentals, repairs, and purchases, the following are a few local options.


    10900 Los Alamitos Blvd # 203, Los Alamitos, CA 90720



    Long Beach Woodwinds

    4420 E Village Rd, Long Beach, CA 90808



    String and Orchestra Instruments

    Morey's Music

    4834 Woodruff Ave, Lakewood, CA 90713



    Please DO NOT purchace a "cost effective" instrument online without seeking the guidance of a Music Teacher.

    It would be similar to purchasing a $9 pair of shoes... TO THEN RUN A MARATHON.

    It could work for a bit, but then... it WILL end up being PAINFUL, uninspiring, and result in quitting.



    All Groups (Bands & Orchestras)


    The following guidelines should be followed when purchasing concert attire for your student.  T

    here will be an Attire Check day in November, please make sure your student has their full concert attire at that time.




    White long sleeve concert dress shirt, black concert dress slacks, black socks, black dress shoes and black belt.



    Advanced Groups – Black Tie

     Intermediate Groups – Blue Tie

     Beginning Groups – No tie worn

    Orchestra – Black Bow Tie




    Solid BLACK Dress: “BELOW THE KNEE”, “NO SPAGHETTI STRAPS”, opaque black tights (no nylons), and black dress shoes (no open toed shoes).

    Or: Attire is interchangeable if girls wish to wear slacks, shirt, or tie.   

    Finding a concert appropriate dress can be difficult in a regular store. We would like to direct you toward two specific dress option from a company called Tuxedo Wholesaler to view as a sample. The two styles are Simone and Jenna (found on their website, go to search option and type in Simone or Jenna from the main page).

    Please note you do not have to purchase one of these dresses.



    If you choose to purchase a dress, when choosing fabric type, please select

    preferred knit, and the color is black

    You will also find the website has helpful information about how to measure and order.

    Please note that the dresses will come UNHEMMED.  If you are ordering dress, please allow ample time for shipping and alteration. 

    *Jazz Band Students*

    If you are in Jazz Band, you will NOT need to purchase a second set of concert attire.  You will wear your Jazz Attire for all events. 

    If you have ANY questions or need further assistance on attire, please contact Mr. Fontaine  




       I have committed my life and career to exemplifying the highest level of musicianship, compassion, and academic excellence. This is not only to guide and inspire your children... but to also raise and guide my own (who are also students in our district).

    I am soooooo thrilled to be able to partner with you and your family as we

    Ignite Unlimited Possibilities for all of our children.

    I'm In...

    ALL IN...



    Mr. Fontaine 

    Doctor of Musical Arts (Candidate)




    Almost Famous!!! An article by the student journalists of the McAuliffe Birdwatch.