• Mrs. Amundson
    7th and 8th  Grade Math


    Mrs. Amundson

    7th and 8th Grade Math


    Please feel free to check your grades online at aeries: parent.losal.org



    Homework is given on a nightly bases Monday through Thursday and is always due the next school day.  Homework is checked by me only for completeness, as long as all of the problems are done your student will receive the full 5 points.   No late Homework is accepted (unless of course your student is absent).  Students checks their own Homework assignment for correctness in class the day it is due.  We usually go over at least 4 homework problems together as a class before we continue on with the next lesson.



    Quizzes are usually always given on a Friday and cover the material learned in class during the week.  Quizzes are always graded and returned the following Monday after the quiz was taken.  Quizzes are for students to keep and review from!  Your student should always have his/her quizzes to show you!!



     Tests are given at the end of each Chapter.  Some chapters are short and some are longer so test days vary.  Your student will always know 1 week prior to a test day!


    Study Halls

    Every Wednesday at Lunch and Thursday morning at 8:20 am, unless otherwise posted in class (morning teacher duty or staff meeting may occur, notice will be given in class if study hall needs to be canceled).  Please always have your student wait for me at my classroom if they should arrive before me. I am available any other morning by request only.
    Contact Me
    Here is the best way to contact me:

    Email: bamundson@losal.org


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