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    Sixth Grade--Science and Advanced Math


    Welcome! Mrs. Martin-Room 24


    Student School Supplies
    Bring to school DAILY
    • Minder Binder
    • TWO Composition books (one for math and one for science)
    • Large spiral notebook designated only for math homework
    • Red ballpoint pens
    • Small pair of scissors
    • Large glue sticks
    • Large tip dry erase markers
    • Sharpened pencils
    • Eraser
    • White-lined paper
    • 3-ring binder with dividers or pockets
    • Coloring utensils
    Recommended math websites:

    www.learnbop.com  Students have school accounts and topics are assigned for their greatest area of need.  
    www.khanacademy.org  Includes 1,000s of math topics--great for when your student is absent or needs to review math concepts.
    www.freerice.com Great website for practicing math facts! Every problem that you solve donates one grain of rice to someone in need.
    www.mathmagician.com at Oswego School District's home page.  Can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 
    www.sumdog.com  Similar to mangahigh listed above.
    www.quizlet.com  Flash cards and quizzes available to help study for tests and quizzes.
    www.algebra.com  Has pre-algebra assistance from tutors.

    The best ways to contact me are:

    Phone: ( 714) 816-3320 ext. 77224
    Email:   cmartin@losal.org

    Period 1-Conference
    Period 2-Math 6A
    Period 3-Science 6
    Period 4-Science 6
    Period 5-Math 6A
    Period 6-Math 6A
    Period 7-Science