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    Room 46


    Please visit this page regularly to check homework assignments and to see what we are doing.


    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

    Supplies for math:

    • 2 spirals
    • plenty of pencils and erasers
    • plenty of blue, black, and red pens
    • glue or glue sticks
    • highlighters
    • dry erase marker
    • colored pencils
    • pencil sharpener
    Donations:  Classroom donations are appreciated at any time during the school year and in great need at the beginning of the school year. Supplies that are needed include: paper towels, Clorox-style cleaning wipes, tissues, computer paper, extra school supplies for students missing items (most frequently pencils, red pens, dry erase markers), and astrobright paper.
    Recommended Math websites:
    www.khanacademy.org  Includes 1,000s of math topics--great for when your student is absent or needs to review math concepts.
    www.freerice.com Great website for practicing math facts!
    www.mathmagician.com at Oswego School District's home page.  Can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 
    www.mangahigh.com  Enjoyable math games for students. I will assign your student a password.
    www.sumdog.com  Similar to mangahigh listed above.
    www.quizlet.com  Flash cards and quizzes available to help study for tests and quizzes.
    www.algebra.com  Has pre-algebra assistance from tutors.

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    Contact Me
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:
    Email is the best way to contact me!

    Phone: (714)816-3320 ext. 77246 
    Email: jcathey@losal.org


    Period 1 - Math
    Period 2 - Conference
    Period 3 - Academic Lab
    Period 4 - Math
    Period 5 - Math 7 (room 22)
    Period 6 - Math
    Period 7 - Academic Lab