• Advanced Placement European History



    Class Calendar: 2015-2016

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    "Student Resources" for our textbook, A History of Western Society, 8th Edition available here

    A word from previous students on how to succeed in AP Euro History

    AP Achiever (Advanced Placement* Exam Preparation Guide) for European History (College Test Prep)

    If you are interested in purchasing an EXCELLENT review book for the AP European History exam, the AP Achiever is a fantastic choice.  It can be purchased at a discount price through the McGraw-Hill Professional Site.  Be sure to enter "AEAP703" in the field for promotional codes to receive a 35% discount!

    The Essential Dates that you absolutely should know!

    Useful Links:

    Learnerator: Over 1000 AP European Multiple Choice questions that can help you to prepare for every exam
    Historical Flow Charts: A series of flow charts detailing the cause-effect relationships within European History

    Art of the Western World: A series of videos that cover the art of Modern European History

    "The Western Tradition": A series of videos that portrays key events that shaped the development of Western thought, culture, and tradition.  These illustrated lectures by historian Eugen Weber present a tapestry of political and social events woven with many strands — religion, industry, agriculture, demography, government, economics, and art.  You will need to submit your email address to view.

    "Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy": A wonderful site that covers the economic history of 20th Century Europe and the World