Some students are having difficulty logging onto your new Google drive. Here is a copy of the Practice questions to make sure everyone still has access. If you made changes to your copy in class this will not have those changes. This is a link to the master copy. For you to edit this copy you  must open it, go to file, and select "make a copy". That copy can be edited by you.  My apologies for this technical difficulty. Remember this is a new system and the school is still figuring it out, I will take all of that into account for assignments and due dates. You are still expected to turn in your summer assignment on time on Tues and take the reading test. 


    AP World History OUTLINES

    Use the following links to access the GoogleDocs for each AP outline.  Make sure to SAVE YOUR WORK in your own GoogleDrive account.

       1.  You MUST have a Google/Gmail account to complete these assignments.  Use the @golosal.net account given to you by the school. 
             - REMINDER: You can access your GoogleDrive from any web browser.  You do NOT need GoogleChrome for this to work. 
       2.  Once you have opened the chapter, you will need to SAVE A COPY of the document to your PERSONAL GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT.
             - With the document for the chapter you are working on open, do the following:
             - Go to the FILE tab at the menu at the top of the document.
             - Select MAKE A COPY from this drop-down menu.  You may be prompted to log into your Google account at this point.  Please do so.  Please follow any directions for completing a copy of the document.  IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A COPY TO YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT, YOU CANNOT SAVE YOUR WORK!
             - Once you have made a copy to your own, personal GoogleDrive account, you may begin working on the document.  Google saves your work as you go once you're working on your own copy!  When returning to work on the chapter guide, open it from YOUR ACCOUNT.  Do not open from the webpage after the first time.
             - You will need to submit your work to TURN IT IN.  Here is a tutorial (or a VIDEO) on how to upload documents from GoogleDrive to TURN IT IN. 
             - You will also need to PRINT a paper copy of your chapter guide to submit in class on the due date. 
    NOTE: You must use your @golosal.net account to access the content for this class. 
    1. Summer Assignment, Part 1 (Textbook work, Chps. 1 & 2) 
    2. Summer Assignment, Part 2 (Textbook work, Chps. 3 & 4)