• U.S. History Course Syllabus & Expectations
    U.S. History Syllabus - Read through the course syllabus which can be found on google classroom (see class codes below). Print the last page. Both students and parents should sign in the provided spaces. This is due on Tues. September 5th! 
    General Course Handouts
    Guidelines for Warm Up Activities - general information on daily warm up activities and procedures
    Guidelines for Unit Packets - the basics of unit packets (a combination of class notes, class work and homework)
    For Google Classroom -
    Period 2 - use the code: ohwhxq
    Period 3 - use the code: 5k0rj0  
    Period 4 - use the code: aa7nyxr
    For Turnitin.com -
    1. As I lecture, I encourage students to highlight key information and/or to add notes in the margins. You should definitely refer to lecture notes when studying for quizzes and the test.
    2. Vocabulary, key figures, and major events are also likely to be covered on assessments. You may want to consider making flash cards to study or have someone quiz you.
    3.It may help some students to read/skim through the textbook to review information. For the first uni, this includes pages 11 -87.
    4. In the textbook, the end of each section has review questions called Section # Assessment. You may want to look over these questions. For the first unit, see pages 19, 26, 37, 49, and 56.
    5. The textbook also provides chapter review questions. For the first unit, see pages 27 and 57.
    6. We will play a review game prior to the exam and many students claim that is the most helpful in focusing their topics to study. Unfortunately these cannot be made up so please make an effort to be in class on that day.
    7. In my opinion, the tests and quizzes are meant to assess what you've learned. There will not be new information that we haven't discussed. That being said however, you will be exposed to information in a variety of ways (lecture, discussion, worksheets, readings, videos, etc.) so I may not explicitly say "this will be on the test" for every piece of information. As a student, you are responsible for studying all of the resources provided to you.