• Subject(s): English II Honors
                        English II

    Welcome Back!

    Keys to Success:

    Here are a few things that are critical to success in English class this year:

    1.  Organization:  Students need to use their Minder Binders (or other organizers) to keep track of all assignments, projects, etc.  Homework is a major component of the grade, and no late work is accepted (except for work missed due to excused absences). 

    2.  Asking for Help:  Students are encouraged to ask for help when they need it.  I am available most days at lunch.  I can also meet with you after school or during my conference period if you let me know in advance.  I am happy to go over a draft of an essay, review for a test, or provide any other help you may need. You can also email me any questions or concerns.

    3.  Taking Notes:  Students are asked to take notes each day of class.  The notes should be written in the required spiral notebook so that they can be reviewed later. 


    Students should bring the following to English class each day:

    -a spiral notebook exclusively dedicated to English class
    -blue and/or black pens
    -#2 pencils
    -textbook/novel we are currently studying


    Homework assignments are posted on the whiteboard inside of the classroom.

    Contact Me

    Email: kmarechal@losal.org

    Phone: (562) 799-4780, ext. 82353


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