• AP Stats Syllabus


    Prerequisite: Algebra 2 with an A or better


    Course Description: The Advanced Placement Program offers a course description and examination in statistics to students who wish to complete studies equivalent to a one semester, introductory, noncalculus based college course in statistics.  This course will include the topics of data analysis, probability and interdisciplinary applications. Technology will be an integral part of the course.  The syllabus will be built around four broad conceptual themes: exploring data, planning a study, anticipating patterns in advance, and statistical inference.


    Materials Required: 1.   Textbook: Stats Modeling the World, Bock, Velleman, De Veaux

                                                    2.   TI – 83 or 83 plus, 84 (preferred) 

                                                    3.   Lined paper and graph paper                                 

                                                    4.   Pencils and eraser

                                                    5.   Notes 

                                                    6.   Lined paper 


    Note: You are required to bring your book, calculator, pencils, and notebook to class daily!!


    Standard Grading Policy:
    Grades are based on tests, mini-tests,homework, quizzes, warm-ups, notes and projects.  Tests account for 80% of the grade, homework accounts for 10%, and quizzes, warm-ups, frappys and projects account for the other 10%.  Tests are worth 100 points and mini-tests are worth 50. At the end of the semester, all students who have completed 90% or more of their homework will be allowed to drop one non-zero test score, not including the final.  Any student who has completed less than 90% of the homework will forfeit this privilege. 
                Grading scale:                           Effort grades will be based
                                                               on work turned in as follows:

                A:         89 -100%                         O:    90% or more turned in

                B:         79 -  88.9%                       S:    70% or more

                C:         68 -  78.9%                       N:   50% or more                          

                D:         57 -  67.9%                       U:    less than 50%

                F:           0 -  56.9%

    Citizenship grades are based on classroom behavior.


    Grades: Grades will be posted online on the aeries school program. A login and password will be provided by the school. Grades will be updated at the end of a unit


    Homework Policy:  Homework will be assigned based on completion of a chapter within a unit and with a due date to be determined.


    Make-up Policy:  It is the responsibility of the student to find out what he or she missed during the absence. Missed assignments including quizzes, homework, notes and warm-ups must be made up within the same amount of days as were missed.  Missed tests will be taken before school as soon as possible, but always before the next test.  If a student is truant from class on a test day, they will be given a zero for that test.


    Attendance Policy and Dress Code: All Los Alamitos attendance policies, including truancies and tardies, will be followed and can be found in the Student and Parent Handbook.  The dress code, also found in the handbook, will be enforced.
     Cheating Policy:  Cheating is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated.  Students will abide by the Academic Code found in the Student and Parent Handbook on page 7.  A student who is in possession of, but not limited to, a cheat sheet, notes, copies of an exam, or their text book, during a testing situation is cheating.  If these items are found prior to the distribution of the test or quiz, it is considered “intent to cheat.”  The student will hand these items over and be allowed to take the test or quiz, but their grade will be lowered 10%.  If theses items are found during the test or quiz, the student will receive a zero with no possibility of regaining any of those points.  They will also be referred to their counselor, the event noted on their permanent record and receive an N for citizenship.  The giving or receiving of information during a testing situation will have the same consequences listed above.

    Cell Phone and iPod Policy:  All Los Alamitos cell phone and iPod policies will be followed and can be found in the Student and Parent Handbook.  Cell Phones are to remain off and out of site during school hours and iPods, MP3 players, etc. are not allowed on campus.  If seen, these devices will be confiscated by a staff member and returned to a parent/guardian only.


     Classroom Rules:

    1.     Every student will be in their seat when the bell rings and remain there until the teacher dismisses class.

    2.     Every student will bring all of their supplies to class every day.

    3.     There is to be no talking when the teacher, or another person giving a presentation, is talking.

    4.     There will be no eating or drinking in the classroom.

    5.     Every student will participate daily by working diligently.

    6.     Students will show each other and the teacher respect.

    7.     Any student caught cheating on a test will receive a zero for that test which cannot be dropped.


    Failure to follow these rules will result in a detention, a call home or other disciplinary action.


    Conference period:  I have sixth period conference.  If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail is the best way to contact me at rlindahl@losal.org.  Phone messages may also be left at (562) 799 - 4780 ext. 82413.