• Media Center Mission

    The mission of the media center is to provide opportunities for developing a lifelong appreciation of literature and to ensure that students and staff are information literate. To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to access, evaluate, and effectively use the information.

    Information Literacy
    Information literacy is the ability to
    access, evaluate, and apply information gained.
    An information literate person...

    Accesses Information
    • recognizes the need for information
    • recognizes that accurate and complete information is the basis for intelligent decision making
    • formulates questions based on information needs
    • identifies potential sources of information
    • develops successful search strategies
    • accesses print and technology-based sources of information
    • is a competent reader
    Evaluates Information
    • established authority determines accuracy and relevance
    • recognizes point of view and opinion versus factual knowledge
    • rejects inaccurate and misleading information
    • creates new information to replace inaccurate or missing information as needed
    Applies Information
    • organizes information for practical application
    • integrates new information into an existing body of knowledge
    • applies information in critical thinking and problem solving
    • presents and defends information
    Information literacy instruction focuses on the research and technical vocabulary, use of the online library catalog, location skills, strategies for access and analysis of the Internet, databases, basic reference books and other resources. Strategic research as a process is taught to all students.