• Ink Cartridge Recycling

    Recycling ink cartridges is good for the school and the environment.

    Here's why:
    • For every ink or laser toner cartridge that is recycled, two quarts of oil are kept out of landfills.
    • The number of ink and laser toner cartridges thrown away in one year is enough to circle the earth.
    • It takes 1,000 years for an ink or laser toner cartridge to decompose in a landfill.
    • Recycling ink or laser toner cartridges helps to decrease the amount of waste that goes into landfills and helps reduce the amount of toxic chemicals absorbed into the Earth.
    • Each acceptable cartridge brings in $2 for our school!

    Please bring your used ink cartridges to the Media Center for recycling. Placing the used cartridge back into the box of the new replacement cartridge is encouraged as this will help keep the cartridges in excellent condition. This will protect the computer chip which is absolutely necessary for payment.