• Current Events Extra Credit

    1)  Newspaper Article Assignments.  Two allowed each grading cycle for up to 5 points each. 
    Step 1:  Bring me an article that relates to the U.S. Government, State Government, or even more on the local government.  these can be older events that are being addressed, or situations that are occurring at this time.  You can get these from the newspaper or from the internet.  If I approve it, do step 2.
    Step 2: Write a summary paragraph of the article.  In addition write a 2nd paragraph that makes a connection.  What I mean by this is that is that I am looking for you to describe why this is relevant or important.  You also can make the connection back to this class, showing that something that we have learned in class is still having impacts today.  
    Step 3:  Return the article and summary together to me.