• Learning Options

    Program Purpose

    The purpose of the GATE program in the Los Alamitos Unified School District is to provide unique learning opportunities for the gifted learners.  The program provides students with the opportunity to develop individual potential, to explore interests and career alternatives, and to develop sensitivity and responsibility, ethical standards, and a realistic healthy self-concept.

    Program Options:  Alternative Learning Environments

    One way that the Los Alamitos Unified School District provides for the variety of gifted learner needs is through alternatives in instructional grouping.  A gifted student may concurrently participate in more than one alternative.  The alternatives provided are:

    1. Part-Time Grouping, Grades K-12 - Students attend classes which are organized to provide advanced or enriched subject matter for a part of the school day or week.

    2. Cluster Grouping, Grades K-12 - Students are grouped within a regular classroom setting and receive appropriately differentiated activities from the regular classroom teachers.

    3. Independent Study, Grades 4-12 - Students are provided with additional instructional opportunities through either special tutors or mentors, or through enrollment in correspondence courses.  These opportunities must be supervised by a certificated staff member at the school site.

    4. Acceleration, Grades K-12 - Students are placed in grades or classes more advanced than those of their chronological age group.

    5. Post-Secondary Education Opportunities, Grades 9-12 - High school students for a part of the day attend classes conducted by a college or community college or participate in College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement program.

    6. Serviced for Underachieving/Disadvantaged GATE Students, Grades 4-12 - Students participate in educational activities designed to assist them in developing basic skills needed to improve their underachievement and to enable them to achieve in their academic classes at levels more closely commensurate with their individual abilities.