• G.A.T.E.

    Parent Advisory Committee

     The Gifted and Talented Parent Advisory Council (G.A.T.E. P.A.C.) will promote respectful and open communication and facilitate effective partnerships between the teachers, administrators, and families who are involved in the education of gifted and talented students in the Los Alamitos Unified School District.  The Council will advise the School Board and administration on matters pertaining to improving the quality of G.A.T.E. services district-wide.


       To offer resources, information and support to parents and guardians so they can better partners in their gifted child’s education
       To provide a forum for district personnel to get feedback from parents of Gifted and Talented students in order to assess the effectiveness of existing programs and plan for the continued improvement of the education of Gifted and Talented students
       To promote awareness of gifted and talented education among teachers, administrators, policy makers, and community members
    • Involve parents in the ongoing planning, implementation, and evaluation of the GATE program.
    • Provide an orientation for parents of GATE students, as well as regular updates regarding program implementation.
    • Regularly inform the district GATE advisory committee or school site council of current research and literature in gifted education.
    • Collaborate with the district GATE advisory committee to provide professional development opportunities for staff, parents, and community members.
    • Provide opportunities for GATE students to share products and achievements with parents in a variety of ways.
    • Coordinate the talents of GATE parents in support of the program.
    • Seek community resources to supplement the core and differentiated curriculum. Establish partnerships between the GATE program and business and community organizations.