• A Special Page for my Kitties!
    Yes, it's true- I have a page just for the kitties!  I promised the children I would show them some cat photos, so here they are . . . Enjoy!  See photos of our newest addition to the family, Darjeeling.  She's a cutie pie!
    patch halloweenpatch m&ms
    Patch, grumpy, as usual on Halloween.                   
    Patch, wearing M&M ears!
    boca xmaspiggy xmas
    "Santa, is that you?"                                               
    "Maybe, if I hide in here, they'll leave me alone!"

    boca boca curl
    "I love to kick back!  How cute am I??"
     darjeeling1 darjeeling2
    "I am new to this family.  My name is Darjeeling.  I like it here!"
     darjeeling3 darjeeling4
    "I'm just trying to stretch out.  Are you looking at me?"