• Academics At A Glance
    We are working diligently each day in the classroom.  It's a fun and exciting place to be!  There is a lot of wonderful learning happening.  Here are a few of our favorites.
    Reader's Workshop
    This is our special time of the day devoted to reading.  I deliver a quick mini-lesson related to comprehension, accuracy, fluency, or vocabulary.  Then, the children get the opportunity to Read to Self, Read to A Buddy, and Listen to Reading.  During this time they can try out the previously taught reading strategies.  It's a fun and valuable experience.  I love to watch the kids grow as they build their stamina and become fluent readers.  This instills life long learning, as the children begin to become independent readers. 
    Writer's Workshop
    This is another favorite time of the day!  We are growing authors in our room.  Again, I'll teach a quick mini-lesson on a particular writing strategy. Then students briefly dialogue and practice that skill with their partners.  After that, students are sent back to their seats to work on their writing.  I really enjoy working with the children as they are becoming writers.  After we've written for the day, we meet back at the carpet and share some great learnings, some "a-ha's" or maybe just take a moment to correct our papers with a quick grammatical fix.  Students love to share their stories. 
    Problem Solving
    This is a portion of our math time.  CGI stands for Cognitively Guided Instruction.  This is the time when we can really work on hands-on problem solving.  CGI is focused on the development of the students' mathematical thinking.  The children are given a (word) problem.  Then, they choose tools (manipulatives)and begin solving the problem.  I will come and use various questioning techniques with the students.  Students explain their thinking and reasoning to me.  At the end, we share all of different strategies, and the children get to "become the teacher" as they explain how they solved.  It's very powerful!