G.a.t.e / honors / a.p. program



    The Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) program is designed to meet the special needs of students who are intellectually gifted.  The state legislature, which provides funding for G.A.T.E., has set the following criteria for all G.A.T.E. programs:



    ·         Differentiated opportunities for learning commensurate with the gifted and

          talented individual’s particular abilities and talents


    ·         Alternative learning environments in which gifted and talented individuals can

          acquire skills and understanding at advanced ideological and creative levels

          commensurate with their potentials


    ·         Elements that help the gifted and talented develop sensitivity and responsibility

          to others


    ·         Elements that help to develop a commitment in gifted and talented individuals

          to constructive ethical standards


    ·         Elements that assist the gifted and talented to develop self-generating

          problem-solving abilities to expand each pupil’s awareness of choices for

          satisfying contributions for his or her environment


    ·         Elements that help gifted and talented pupils develop realistic, healthy self-



    To meet these criteria, Los Alamitos High School, with input from parents, students, and staff, sponsors a G.A.T.E. program that provides gifted and high-achieving students with a rich academic experience that helps prepare them for entrance to and success at top universities.  The emphasis of the program is in the “differentiated” honors and advanced placement classes rather than in extra-curricular enrichment.  Students in these classes are presented a dense curriculum that moves at a steady and swift pace.  Most classes are augmented by staff-sponsored schoolwide activities such as Science Olympiad, Model United Nations, and Math Team competitions which are also open to all students.  G.A.T.E. students typically have a balanced schedule that includes both honors/advanced placement classes, college preparatory classes, and electives.


    The G.A.T.E. coordinator oversees the program, supports honors/advanced placement classes, sponsors enrichment activities, and plans workshops for students and parents.  The coordinator also works with the counseling department to assist gifted students in reaching academic goals, in dealing with personal issues, and in completing the college application process.

    Transitioning to High School and Beyond