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    All students attending Los Alamitos High School must accumulate 220 credits in grades 9 through 12 to graduate from high school. Students must pass all required courses and the California High School Exit Exam in English/Language Arts and Mathematics to receive a diploma and to participate in graduation ceremonies. The 220 credits necessary for graduation must include:
    a. 40 credits

    8 semesters


    b. 30 credits

    6 semesters

    History, World History, Cultures, & Geography (10 credits); United States History (10 credits); American Political Tradition (5 credits); and Economics (5 credits)

    c. 20 credits

    4 semesters

    Mathematics (must include Algebra I or equivalent)

    d. 20 credits

    4 semesters

    Physical Education

    e. 20 credits

    4 semesters

    Science - Life Science (Life Science or Biology – 10 credits); and Physical Science (Physical Universe, Chemistry or Physics – 10 credits)

    f. 5 credits


    g. 10 credits

    2 semesters

    Fine Arts* (Art, Dance, Music, Drama/Theater) and/or World Language

    h. 10 credits

    2 semesters

    Fine Arts* (Art, Dance, Music, Drama/Theater) or Applied Arts (Child Development, Computer Education, Industrial Technology, ROP)

    A maximum of 10 credits of Fine Arts can meet either the “g” or “h” requirement, but not both.

    These required classes comprise 155 of the 220 required credits. The remaining 65 credits are student elective choices. Students may enroll in a maximum of 40 credits per semester, including Regional Occupational Program (ROP) and Adult Education.

    Remedial program options are available for students who are not able to pass the California High School Exit Exam. The counselors will discuss options with the student.

    NOTE: Courses that meet high school graduation requirements will be marked “H.S.” in the subject area of the Curriculum Handbook.
    Updated 03/04/2010