• Mrs. Ellis


    May 18, 2020

    Principal's Message

    This past week was a wonderful celebration of McGaugh teachers. We had a brief (and socially-distanced) gathering last Thursday to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. We announced our 2020 Teacher of the Year; we celebrated the outstanding careers of two retiring teachers; and we showed appreciation for the incredible commitment and impact of our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week which included a generous McGaugh family sending every teacher home that afternoon with a beautiful meal to be shared with their families. 
    Springtime is usually the time of year when the Seal Beach Lions sponsor the Teacher of the Year Award. The tradition at McGaugh has been our teachers nominating their colleagues who they feel best represent the spirit of what it takes to be a great and effective teacher.

    We had a wonderful group of nominees this year: Ms. Keri-beth Michels, Mrs. Alysha Brendel, Mrs. Lisa McLellan, Mrs. Mindy Espinosa, Mrs. Lyndsey Gardner, Mrs. Tracy Wallace, Mrs. Lisa Salmones, Mrs. Cherie Aniceto, Ms. Jennifer Duncan, and Mrs. Jessica Barr. The teacher who won the hearts of the McGaugh staff is (drumroll, please!) Ms. Keri-beth (Dethlefsen) Michels! Ms. Michels was delighted (and surprised!) when her name was announced. Those nominating Keri-beth Michels had this to say about her:

    • “I cannot believe what Keri-beth has done for our Special Ed team over the years. I am always amazed at what she is willing to give to make life better for every one of our students.”
    • “I have worked closely with her over the years and watched her grow into a strong and confident teacher and leader.”
    • “We have many great teachers at McGaugh; Keri-beth is absolutely at the top of the list.”

    Keri-beth Michels is an Education Specialist and works with all teachers to provide individualized instruction for students with special and unique needs. Ms. Michels is also a great resource for all of our teachers and administration. She is creative when it comes to providing solutions and recommendations to make students feel secure and confident in their classrooms. The McGaugh staff and I congratulate Keri-beth Michels and are proud to call her the McGaugh and the Seal Beach Lions Teacher of the Year for 2020!

     Keri beth


    Rah, McGaugh!
    Roni Ellis, Principal