• Nearly every week, students will complete State Studies.  They are excellent exercises in geography, research, writing (including paraphrasing), paying attention to detail, and creativity.  These links are good sources to help with the studies!  In addition, fifth grade is a time when students must learn the spellings and locations of all fifty states and capitals; you will find some fun links to help practice this!
    • Quizlet--We will be learning a lot of vocabulary this year; in addition, you will be learning all of the states and capitals.  Quizlet will help you study!!  Try it--it's fun! Class Name is Schefskilae     http://quizlet.com/ 
    • 50 States Website
    • Enchanted Learning Website


    • Use this website to practice your States and Capitals!


    • U.S. States Information Website


    • Geography of States--This Site can help you find the geography of each state for your State Studies. Simply type in the state's name you want to find the geography of where it says "search".