• Practice Keyboarding at home!

    *Student work on the PAWS keyboarding program at school - it is not accessible from home - but there are lots of choices listed for practice below!
    Remember, work on correct technique before speed! Keep your fingers on the home row keys and try not to look at your fingers. Watch this video on Teacher Tube about correct finger positioning.
    Type this sentence to practice all the letters: 
    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
    Access our School Wide typing program, Typing Pal,  by logging on here
    3rd - 5th grade students log on using their 10 digit ID # for both username and password.

     Learn to Touch Type:


    Practice with Online Games:   (make sure to keyboard correctly!)

    Keyboarding Games  - from Learning Games for Kids
    Test your skills:  (it only counts if you are doing it right!)
    Keyboard Challenge (ABCya) - click and drag the keys to the correct space on the keyboard. Don't cheat, cover your keyboard!
    TypingTest.com - Choose from a selection of stories and type for 1 minute
    Typing Speed Test - randomly selected paragraphs