Language Arts Homework-

     Bi-weekly packets to be completed (pages checked daily)

    Spelling  Word lists are attached to student bi-weekly homework packets


    WEEK 1

    Monday- Write spelling words three times each (divide each spelling word by syllables)

    Tuesday- Use each spelling word in a sentence/unerline the spelling word

    Wednesday- Write the "part of speech" for each spelling word (noun/verb/adj.)

    Thursday- Write a synonyn for each spelling word ( big/large) (pretty/attractive)


    Week 2:

    Monday- Put each word in ABC order

    Tuesday-Write a short story using a least 5 spelling words

     Wednesday- Choose 5 words and write each in a sentence with dialogue

    Thursday- Study for your spelling test


    Students do not have spelling words assigned this week- 1/21-1/23

    Students will be assigned a short story with comprehension questions that follow (Tues- Thurs) 


    WORDS FOR THE WEEKS OF 1/27-2/7   TEST 2/7

    Group 1                              Group 2

    comedy                             exceptional

    clumsy                              camel

    audience                           castle

    hundred                            identical

    awkward                           easel

    husband                            dazzle

    broad                                 mineral

    reluctant                           label

    sought                              example

    stumble                            original








    Students must read nightly- book genres will be assigned

    Point chart for reading homework is below- 5 pages a night is recommended

    Following the completion of a book- students must complete a book report worth 25 points- forms are provided


    HOME READING-Complete nightly reading- Book report DUE 11/21 (science fiction/fantasy) Forms will be provided


    0 points- no reading

    1 point- 1-5 pages  

    2 points 6-10 pages

    3 points 11-15 pages

    4 points 16-20 pages

    5 points 21-25 pages


    Book report following book completion- 25 points