• Course Title:  Algebra One


    Prerequisite:  Eighth graders with teacher recommendation.


    Course Description:  This mathematics will prepare you for success in college, in careers, and in daily life in the 21st century. It helps you to develop the ability to: explore and solve mathematical problems, think critically, work cooperatively with others, and communicate ideas clearly.  This course leads to the attainment of the State of California Algebra Standards.



    1.               Textbook:  Algebra 1 Pearson

    2.                paper ( lined and ¼” grid graph paper)

    3.                composition book

    4.                6-inch straight-edge

    5.                Chromebook, IPad or Laptop

    6.                pencil/eraser  ( no pens )

    7.                highlighter or colored pen

    8.                scientific calculator (ex. TI-30XIIS)

                       NO Graphing calulators may be used in Algebra 1 classes


    Standard Grading Policy:  Grades will be based on points accumulated through: homework, quizzes, notes, tests, etc.. Some of the above activities will be points given as an individual grade while others will be a group grade.

    Points will be arranged in 4 categories: Tests 60%, Final 10%, Homework 20%, Other 10%.


    The standard grading scale:                    A         90.0-100%

                                                                      B         80.0-89.9%

                                                                      C         70.0-79.9%

                                                                      D         60.0-69.9%

                                                                      F          0-59.9%


    Effort grades will be based on classroom participation and homework.


    Citizenship grades are based on classroom behavior and promptness to class.


    Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned by unit, it will be available the first day of notes for that unit. All homework for a unit must be complete no later than 7:49 am the morning of the test for that unit. Homework will be turned in digitally via the deltamath website. Grading will be determined by the amount of homework complete by the morning of the test. IE: if a student completes 60% of the unit's assigned homework, the grade on aeries will be a 60/100 for that unit.


    Make-up Policy:  It is the responsibility of the student to find out what they missed during their absence. Missed assignments including tests, quizzes, or any other missed work must be made up within the same amount of days as was missed. If a student’s absence is marked as truant, the student will be given a zero for the missed work. TESTS ALSO.  Additionally, notes may not be turned in late unless the student is absent.

    We will offer retakes on chapters 2-6 first semester. Information will be given to students after each of these tests.

    A test score of 0% from an Honesty Code Violation a retake will not be given.


    Classroom Rules: The first day of class the classroom rules will be defined.

                The rules are:

    1.                Every student will be in the room when the tardy bell rings.

    2.                Every student will bring all their supplies to class every day.

    3.                There will be NO eating or drinking in the classroom. The only exception is bottled water.

    4.                Every student will participate daily.

    5.                The classroom will remain quiet when a presentation is being given.

    6.                Students will show each other and the teacher respect.

    7.                Students will clean up after themselves.

    8.                NO cell phones.  They are to remain off and out of sight during class.

    9.                To leave the class a hall pass must be forfeited. Each student was given 10 passes.

    10.              The Academic Honesty Code will be followed.  Refer to Parent-Student Handbook.


    Students are aware that breaking a rule will result in a 15 minute detention. Detentions are the next school day at 7:30am. Further disruptions will result in parent e-mail/phone call, referral to counseling or assistant principal’s office.

    Grades will be posted on Aeries.   They will be updated at the end of each chapter.

    Test dates will be posted on my calendar also located on my school webpage.


    Conference period: My conference period is from 1:42-2:37. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at bcarter@losal.org or call ext. 82303.


    I encourage all students to come in to see me if they need extra help. I look forward to another terrific school year!




                                                                                  Becky Carter

    Revised 8-7-18