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    FORMAL DANCE DRESS CODE - Winter Formal & Prom
    The Formal Dance Dress Code has been established to provide a special evening of ethical and moral behavior to promote a safe and healthy environment free of disruption.  Students are expected to dress in appropriate evening attire.  Clothing should be clean, in good repair, and worn in an appropriate manner.
    The following are examples of what to wear:
    Dress slacks
    Dress shirt and tie
    Dress shirt, tie, and sweater
    Dress slacks and sport coat
    Appropriate dress shoes
    Dress slacks/blouse/pant suit
    Formal Dress – tea length or longer
    Blouse/skirt – tea length or longer
    Appropriate dress shoes
    The following are examples of what NOT to wear: 
    Costumes, revealing/transparent/sheer clothes or undergarments, jeans, shorts, bare midriffs, sweats, micro mini dresses/skirts, backless tops of dresses (halters okay), t-shirts, crop tops, cargo pants, capri pants, cargo pants, hats, canes, combat boots, slippers, flip flops, tennis shoes, wigs, and do-rags.
    Shoes must be worn at all times.  If inappropriate attire is worn, individuals will be asked to go home to change.  No refund will be issued for dress code violation or attire deemed inappropriate.  It is your responsibility to check your attire prior to the dance if you have concerns.
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