• New Student Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where do I pick-up and/or drop off my student?

    Students should be picked up and dropped off, preferably off-campus, along the white curbs on Cerritos Avenue or Los Alamitos Boulevard. If you pull into the parking lot expect, to wait in traffic a considerable amount of time. Veteran parents usually drop their student off before 7:30a.m. to avoid the extreme congestion that occurs after that. They also wait until ten minutes after school to pick up their child, and do so off campus.

    2. Where do I park if I am coming to the office or to attend an event?

    During the school day please park in spaces marked “visitor” or “staff/visitor.” After school parking is allowed in all spaces.
    3.  Can I drop something off to my student?


    Due to the high volume of drop-offs it is necessary to limit messages and deliveries to three per year.  Taking the time to communicate at home limits the interruptions to classes for messages regarding doctor appointments, transportation, meeting times/places, and other personal messages.  This also includes delivery of forgotten lunches, homework, etc.  Please remind your student to check the Media Center for items they have requested you to deliver.  Homework may be placed in the teacher’s mailbox by office staff.  Please label any items you leave for student pick-up and sign in on the clipboard available.  Cash and drinks are not allowed.  We will not send call slips or interrupt classrooms during instructional time.  NO announcements will be made during A.P. testing and other designated testing times.

    4. Where do I find information on school policies (attendance, cell phone, iPOD, school dress code, etc.)?

    All of the information is on the website and online registration. 

    5. Where do I go for information and/or problems with lockers?

    All locker issues should go to the Campus Supervision/Student Services Office.

    6. What are the student safety policies in effect for fights, drugs, and bullying?

    Please refer to the Discipline Policy on the website.

    7. What are the clubs and organizations my student may join and where do they go to learn about them?

    Please refer to the webpage under Activities / Clubs. Join-a-Club Week is also held early fall. Detailed information may be found in the ASB office. All clubs encourage new members.

    8. How does my student participate on a particular sports team?

    Coaches post the try-out process in the Daily Student Bulletin. Please contact the athletic director for more information, ext. 82252. There is also additional information on the website under Athletics.

    9. How does my student obtain their physical education clothing?

    For those who did not purchase during registration, within the first three to eight days of school, students will be asked to bring money to their physical education class. They will then be sent to the Activities Office to pay and receive a receipt. Upon showing their receipt, the student will be given a uniform during P. E. class. Students in specific sports will be informed of their attire by their coach.

    10. How many school dances are there during the year?

    There are three dances held in the gym: Welcome Back, Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins. These dances are quite affordable and students are encouraged to dress to the theme. There are two off-campus dances: Winter Formal and Prom. Winter Formal is open to all students in good standing and Prom is open to juniors and seniors and their guests.

    11. What are the benefits of purchasing an ASB card?

    Students who purchase an ASB sticker (which appears on the student’s ID card) may attend home games free of charge and most away games for a discount. ASB card revenues support the entire student body. An ASB card purchase also provides student discounts on all dances and the Yearbook/DVD.

    12. Are students allowed to ride bicycles and/or skateboards to school? Where would they leave it? What is the law?

    Students are allowed to ride both to school. Bikes must be locked up in the bicycle rack. Skateboards must be locked up in the skateboard racks located near the bike racks. Students must bring their own lock to secure their skateboard or bicycle. California law states any person under 18 years of age must wear a properly fitting and fastened bicycle helmet when operating a bicycle, skateboard, or non-motorized scooter.

    13. What are the roles and responsibilities of the School Resource Officer and the campus supervisors?

    Campus supervisors are stationed throughout the campus and are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the student body.

    14. Can students use the Internet?

    Students may use the Internet when the Internet usage form has been filed using the online registration. Permission is indicated on the student I.D. card which must be carried at all times and shown to computer lab personnel in order to access the Internet.

    15. What is the off-campus permit policy? When and where does a student sign up for the permit?

    Juniors and seniors are allowed off-campus permits during lunch only. Parents must sign the off-campus permit in the Attendance Office before a student is allowed to leave campus for lunch.

    16. What is the minimum credit policy?

    In order for a student to begin the fall semester of their junior year at LAHS they must have earned a minimum of 95 credits. To begin the spring semester of their junior year they must have earned a minimum of 125 credits. To begin the fall semester of their senior year they must have earned a minimum of 155 credits. To begin the spring semester of their senior year they must have earned a minimum of 185 credits. If students fall below the minimum credit criteria they may be involuntarily transferred to Laurel High School. (Board Regulation 7042)

    17. How do I contact a teacher and/or schedule a conference?

    Staff email addresses are listed on the school website. Voice messages may also be left on classroom phones. Teachers will also be giving out specific information at Back to School Night.

    18. What does my student do if they have lost a book?

    First, students should check the Lost and Found in the Main Office. Second, they should report the loss to the Media Center to obtain another book. Students are charged the cost of a replacement. Various privileges may be withheld if replacement fees are not paid.

    19. Where does my student go if their schedule appears to be wrong?

    Students need to go to the Counseling Office and request to see their counselor.

    20. Is it possible for my student to change teachers or periods for the same subject?


    21. Is it possible for my student to be on a shortened day?

    A senior with sufficient credits may request a 5 period day. There are no shortened days for grades 9 -11.

    22. What is the Independent Study policy for physical education?

    Independent Study for physical education is only an option if: 1) they participate in a sport LAHS doesn’t offer, and/or 2) they compete in a sport at a very high level of competition (Board Policy 210). Any request must be approved through the District Office. For more information, please contact Dr. Gregg Stone, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, at extension 82203.

    23. What are the resources available for drug/alcohol issues?

    Resources available include the School Resource Officer, counselors, and the Assistant Principal of Student Services.. A counseling referral packet is also located in the Counseling Office.

    24. When can I call or see a school counselor?

    Parents can call, email, or leave a voicemail at any time. To meet with a counselor it is necessary to schedule an appointment. This can be done by contacting the Counseling Office secretary at extension 82208.

    25. What do I do if my student needs to leave during school for a medical appointment?

    Call the attendance office and send your student into the office for a pass to leave. 

    26. Why are the food lines so long? Sometimes my student does not have time to buy food.

    Typically, during the first week or two of school there are longer lines at the cafeteria and food carts. This is due to the fact that we do not typically allow juniors and seniors to use their off campus lunch permits until the second week of school. This results in longer lines as more students are purchasing food on campus. This year we will begin allowing juniors and seniors with valid off campus lunch permits to leave campus the first week of school. This should reduce the wait time students typically experience. If your student finds a line that is too long, please have him or her look for another location to buy food. There are food carts scattered throughout campus, some with shorter lines than others. It is also a good idea to have your student bring lunch to school for the first week or two to avoid this potential concern altogether.

    27. How can I ensure that the contents of my locker remain safe and secure?

    Everyday custodians and other school personnel find 30-40 lockers with locks that are not secured. The best way to avoid potential problems is to make sure that your lock is secure before walking away from your locker.
    28. Where do students catch the bus after school?
    School bus—in front of the school along the white curbs on Cerritos Ave.
    City bus—on the corner of Los Al. Blvd. and Cerritos Ave, or Los Al. Blvd. and Ball Rd.
    29. What if my student wants to try out for a Spring sport, but has a 6th period academic class?

    Tryouts are scheduled for after school and/or weekends.  Please read the Daily Student Bulletin (on website) for important dates.

    30. Is there a list of all the available LAHS clubs students may join?

    Last year’s clubs, many of which will still be active, are listed on the website.  There will be an updated list available in the Activities Office after Join-A-Club week later in September.

    31. If you already said “no” on the random voluntary drug testing permission form returned during registration, can you change your decision to “yes”?

    Yes.  Please contact the Campus Supervision Office at extension 82207.
    32. Do you strictly enforce rules such as no freak dancing/grinding and no alcohol?
    Yes.  Inappropriate, sexually suggestive dancing is not permitted.  Students who are observed dancing in this manner are warned.  If they persist, parents are called and the offending students are asked to leave the dance.  Last year LAHS implemented a random breathalyzer policy for all school dances.  Students are randomly pulled from line and asked to take a breathalyzer test.  The test is given by an administrator and takes approximately 5 seconds.  Our goal is to make the dances fun, safe and alcohol/drug free for your students.  Please see the Dance Policy in your Parent/Student Handbook.
    33. Is the information given at 8th grade parent night the same as 9th grade parent night?

    No. New information is presented.  8th grade parent night is a general introduction to the high school, whereas 9th grade parent night focuses on specific policies and procedures students can expect now that they are enrolled.