• Mrs. Weis

    Intermediate Algebra-Classroom Management Plan



    This discipline complements and expands the mathematical content and concepts of Algebra I and Geometry. Students who master Algebra II will gain experience with algebraic solutions of problems in various content areas, including the solution of systems of quadratic equations, logarithmic and exponential functions, the binomial theorem, and the complex number system.



    1. Each student should arrive to class each day expecting and prepared to take notes. I recommend a spiral notebook for taking notes.
    2. Each student is expected to complete, to the best of his/her ability, each Independent Practice assigned (homework assignment). Failure to successfully practice independently may result in disappointing exam scores. Lower than expected exam scores may result in a lower than expected semester grade since exam scores account for 75% of your semester grade.


    90 – 100%      A

    80 – 89%        B

    70 - 79%         C

    60 - 69%         D

    Below 60%     F

    Points will be accumulated through exams, quizzes, and homework. Additional project-type activities will be appointed to the quizzes/other category. Some of these activities may be group activities. Semester grade percentages will be rounded to the nearest whole number (ones place). For example, 81.50 through 82.49 will round to 82, and 82.50 through 83.49 will round to 83. The semester grade will be weighted according to the following scale:







    Grades will be updated no later than one week after each chapter exam. The citizenship mark on progress reports and semester grades will be determined by classroom behavior. The work habits mark on progress reports and semester grades will be determined by the homework grade and awarded as follows:





    89.50% and above



    69.49% and below




    I am available for extra help every day before school, during lunch, or after school. Occasionally I have meetings or personal matters that would make me inaccessible. Please check with me to ensure my availability.




    Homework will be assigned from an online program, Delta Math.  Occasionally I may need to assign a worksheet or textbook problems in addition to the assignments made thru Delta Math.  Delta Math is an online website that can be accessed via a laptop, tablet, or cell phone.  At the beginning of each chapter, a homework calendar outlining the entire chapter's assignments on a daily basis will be posted on my webpage on the Los Al website.  The assignments have been aligned with the daily lessons.  The Delta Math website shows examples and allows you to earn 100% on each HW assignment with no penalties. You are given immediate feedback for incorrect answers so you can learn from your mistakes. All of the chapter assignments will be due by 11:59 pm the day of the test, but I strongly encourage you to follow the HW pacing calendar.


    The homework grade for each chapter will be a compilation of the Grade % in Delta math along with correct answers on any worksheet or textbook problems from that chapter. 


    When given an assignment of odd-numbered problems from the textbook, you should ALWAYS check your answer with the answer shown in the back of the book. When given an assignment of even-numbered problems from the textbook, or a worksheet assignment, you should copy the answers before you leave class, or check your answers at the beginning of the following class. You should ALWAYS use your notes from class, the textbook, the publisher's website, ask a friend or Mrs. Weis for help, attend a tutoring session, or attend Griffin lab to get help in completing any problem that you could not complete independently.


    You may access the current chapter’s homework assignments at https://www.losal.org/lahs. Under the TEACHERS tab, choose Weis, A, then click on the left side “Intermediate Algebra” and then click on "Intermediate Algebra Homework Assignments".


    At the end of the semester, if your overall h/w percentage is 89.5% or higher, you will qualify for the privelege of dropping your lowest chapter exam score from the current semester.  



    Each exam date will be announced at the beginning of each chapter. You will be expected to complete the exam on its scheduled date whether or not you are present on the day of the exam review. For absences of more than 1 day, I follow board policy with regard to make-up work. For example, if you are absent 2 days, you must complete the exam no later than 2 days from its originally scheduled date. If you must complete the exam on a day other than its originally scheduled date, you must complete the exam during class time.  If you are completing your exam during class time on a day other than its originally scheduled date, you will be responsible for obtaining the lecture notes from me or another student.


    Cheating is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated. Students will abide by the Academic Honesty Code outlined in the Student and Parent Handbook. A student who is in possession of, but not limited to, a cheat sheet, notes, copies of an exam, their textbook, or a VISIBLE cell phone during any of the testing environment is cheating. If these items are found prior to the distribution of the test or quiz, it is considered “intent to cheat”. The student will hand these items over and be allowed to take the test or quiz, and their test or quiz grade will be lowered 10%. If these items are found during the test or quiz, the student will receive a zero with no possibility of regaining any of those points. They will also be referred to their counselor, the event noted on their permanent record and receive an N for citizenship. The giving or receiving of information during a testing situation will have the same consequences listed above.

    Pearson Website

    The online textbook must be accessed through your Los Al portal.  Login to mylosal.golosal.net.  Once you have logged into the Pearson App, you would use your golosal.net information again as your user id and password.