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    LAEF offers a variety of programs to enrich students of the Los Alamitos Unified School District.  Click here to find out more about After-School Enrichment programs.

    Fall 2020 After School Programs beginning at McAuliffe on September 3rd, 5th or 6th:
    • Drawing, Painting & Digital Arts – Master the fundamental techniques of Drawing & Painting while expanding your conceptual boundaries and developing your own artistic vision! Explore digital arts through the use of printer projects by progressing handmade skills to the digital realm. Students will acquire knowledge and experience in producing finalized pieces with use of a professional printer. Students will create images to tell stories, convey information, and evoke emotions. Students will learn techniques, create projects, and use processes that will allow them to build a great portfolio. (Fridays – $175)
    • Girls Self Defense – Kenpo Karate with an emphasis on practical self-defense for girls as well as empowerment. (Wednesdays – $175)
    • Acting Academy – Acting Academy will allow kids to expand their skills in acting, public speaking, and performing. Students will participate in drama and stage performances that will help build confidence and creativity that can have a dramatic positive impact on academic, personal, and professional success. Students will engage in activities such as speech training, mini-scripts, and improvisations in small groups, monologues, character analysis, auditioning-skill development, and production techniques. (Thursdays – $175)

    Catalogs and flyers for all LAEF fall programs can be found at www.LAEF4kids.org/. Questions? Email programdirector@LAEF4kids.org or call 562-799-4700 Ext. 80424.