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    Extra Credit On-line Quiz   

    This opportunity is no longer avialable
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    Each unit students will be given the opportunity to take an extra credit quiz on the Pearson textbook website.  Quizzes must be completed by the night before the test to receive any credit.  Students will receive 1/2 a point for each question answered correctly.  This will be added to their in-class quiz score.

    Retake Packets 

    This opportunity is no longer available
    Available in Class:  **/**/**
    Due with Signatures:  **/**/**
    Test:  **/**/**    6:45am room 308   OR   2:40pm room 303
    For some tests throughout the semester, all students will have the opportunity to retake the test to try to improve their score.  The new test score will completely replace the original test score on aeries.  To be eligible to retake a test the student must complete a retake packet (these can be picked up in class and usually consist of 4 worksheets), fix their original test, and meet with a Los Al math teacher for a tutoring session by the Tuesday before the retake is taking place.  The packet must be 100% complete and all problems that were missed on the test must be done correctly.  Once these things are complete, I will sign their packet saying they are eligible for the retake. The retake only takes place on one day (usually a Thursday) and is offered before or after school only.  If a student can not make that date, they forfeit their right to retake the test.  If a student does not complete all the requirements by the Tuesday before the retake, they forfeit their right to retake the test.