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    Grades - These are your second progress report grades

    Updated on:  11/21/19
    Up-to-date from:  11/15/19
    Not entered:  Modeling Monday (x2)
                        Chapter 6 Test

    Test Extra Credit Opportunity 

    Gateway: Linear Equations
    Start Date:  11/5/19
    End Date:  12/18/19

    The GATEWAY test is a 10 question extra credit test on one of the fundamental concepts of Algebra (linear equations).  It will be given for the first time November 5th in class.  It is graded pass/no pass.  The questions are either correct or incorrect, no partial credit is given.  You must get all 10 questions correct to get a 100% on this test (equal to 30 points extra credit in the test category); anything below a 100% is counted as a 0% (or 0 points extra credit).  Any student who did not receive a 100% can re-take a different version of the GATEWAY with me before school or after school.  It is suggested that they re-do the Review for Gateway worksheet before coming in to re-take the test.  The students may retake the test as many times as needed to before finals (December 18) until they get a 100%.  The GATEWAY will not be handed back.