• Classroom Management Plan for Algebra II/Trig                           

    Mrs. Bright

    Room 351                                          

    Course Title: Algebra II/Trigonometry.  

    Course Description: Algebra II/Trig is an honors class preparing a student for future success in Precalculus, college, and daily life.  The course helps develop skills in mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking.  The California Mathematics Standards for Algebra II/Trig are covered in this course.

    Materials required:    

    1. Textbook: Algebra and Trigonometry, Addison-Wesley
    2. Notebook: A notebook for Notes and Homework
    3. A scientific calculator :  TI-30XIIS (Graphing calculators and CASIOS are NOT allowed ).

    Grading Policy: Semester grades are based on tests, homework, and quizzes.  Tests account for 80% of the grade, homework for 10%, and quizzes/Warm-ups/Notes for 10%.   The Final Exam counts as two chapter tests.  At the end of each semester, a student who has completed 90% or more of their homework during the semester AND 100% homework in the LAST Chapter earns the privilege of taking the last Chapter test in a group.  A student who has completed less than 90% of their homework forfeits this privilege.

    Academic Grading Scale:                                 The grade for Work habits is based on homework completion:

    A:  90 – 100%                                                     O:       90% or more complete                                                                                         

    B:  80 – 89.9%                                                    S:        80% or more complete        

    C:  70 – 79.9%                                                    N:       70% or more complete

    D:  60 – 69.9%                                                    U:       less than 70% complete                                                      

    F:     0 – 59%                                                 

    Citizenship grades are based on classroom behavior, tardies, and following classroom rules. 

    Homework Policy: Homework is assigned every day.  Students can expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour on their homework.  Each assignment is due the following day at start of the class period.  Homework is graded on completion and ALL WORK IS SHOWN.   Late work is not accepted.  Homework is due when it is due! 

    Make-up Policy:  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed.  The school website will have daily assignments for the entire chapter.  Click on “Bright” on the teacher page to find the list.  Test make-ups will be given for excused absences at an arranged time (before or after school, never during class).    In accordance with District Policy Number 219, a student has the same number of days to make up their work as the number of days they were absent.  For example, if a student is absent two days, they have two days to make up their work. 

    Truancy Policy: Students will not be allowed to make up missed work, assignments, or tests that are due when they are truant.  The attendance office handles all truancies. 

    Tardy Policy: I follow the school’s Tardy Policy.  Remember, passing period is seven minutes!  There is no excuse for being late to class!


    Classroom rules:

    • Be on time.
    • Bring your supplies every day.
    • Students are to be respectful to all people in the classroom. 
    • Cell phones, Smart watches, Ipads and Ear buds are not to be used in the classroom.  CELL PHONE POLICY: Cell phones are to be placed in the “cell phone wall holder” at the BEGINNING of class!!!
    • Do your best!  This is an honors class, so expect to be challenged and to work diligently.


     Cheating policy: Cheating is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated.  Students will abide by the Academic Honesty Code found in the Student and Parent Handbook.  Cheating on a test will result in a ZERO that cannot be dropped at the end of the semester.  They will also be referred to their counselor, and the incident recorded in their permanent record.  The giving or receiving of information during a testing situation will have the same consequences listed above.  This includes, but not limited to: Cheat sheets, cell phones out , iWatches out (they must be put away in the assigned spot for each test and quiz), talking, information written on body or desk, etc.  The Honesty Code in the student Handbook on page 7 will be followed.  “Intent to Cheat” before a test is handed out will result in a minus 10 points from the test.   

     Voice Mail/ E-Mail:  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (562) 799-4780 ext. 82351 or email me at sbright@losal.org   You can also check the school website for any classroom updates, test dates, etc.  (www.losal.org/lahs     Teachers:  Bright, S).   I encourage all students to come in for extra help if needed.  

    I am looking forward to a very successful school year!                            Mrs. Bright :)