• Dear Parents of  4th and 5th Grade music students,

    This year your student has the unique opportunity to learn how to play the soprano recorder.  Recorder lessons are integrated into everyday curriculum, so it is important that each student has their own recorder and binder/folder to store music and a pencil.

     Supplies*- must bring to class weekly (music schedule is posted on my teacher webpage).

    1.  folder with pockets

    2. Pencil

    3. Soprano Recorder (see guidelines below)

    *Returning students may use their supplies from last year

     Soprano Recorders (2 piece or 3 piece, Baroque/English fingering)

    • Students may use a recorder they already own (or that of an older sibling who has gone through the program)
    • Students may purchase a recorder from a music store (like Morey’s Music in Long Beach) or online. Suggested brands are Yamaha, Angel, Aulos, Tudor, Canto. Price Range $4-$8.
    • Students may purchase a new recorder from the school for $6. Complete the order form below and attach cash or check made out to LAUSD. Purchased recorders come with a case, lubricating jelly, cleaning rod, and a neck strap.
    • Students may check out a sterilized used recorder in music class to borrow for the school year.


     Musically yours,


    Suzanne McElderry

    Music Specialist




    Recorder Order Form – please check one and return to Mrs. McElderry with your student


    ____ I would like to buy a NEW recorder from school - $6 cash or check payable to LAUSD attached.


    _____I would like to BORROW a classroom recorder – please check one out to my student.


    _____My student OWNS a recorder and will bring it to music class.


    Student Name ______________________ Teacher _________________ Room #_____