• Health Curriculum 

    Supplemental Lessons for Compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act (AB329)


    Under the California Healthy Youth Act, Education Code (EC) sections 51930-51939, school districts must integrate the instruction of comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education into the classroom once in middle school and once in high-school.  Parents have the right to opt out of the instructional unit by stating their desire to have their child not participate in writing to their school principal.  


    Middle School - Gr. 7 & 8 Family Life Curriculum

    Positive Prevention Plus, Sexual Health Education for America's Youth (Middle School Edition)

    Correlation Guide for California Healthy Youth Act CLICK HERE

    Lesson Objectives & Video Link Guide for Positive Prevention Plus CLICK HERE

    Lesson Wrap-Up Discussion Questions & Lesson Activities CLICK HERE

    OCDE Newsroom Article, April 2018: 6 Questions & Answers about the CA Healthy Youth Act CLICK HERE

    California Legislation Regarding Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: AB329  CLICK HERE

    Positive Prevention Plus Parent Resource Guide CLICK HERE


    Middle School Instructional Materials Preview Presentations:

    (Same presentation offered on multiple dates) 

    February 3, 2020 at 6:00pm in the District Office Training Room 

    February 4, 2020 at 9:30am in the District Office Training Room 

    To download a copy of the presentation CLICK HERE


    Middle School Presentation Flyer


    *To check out a copy of the curriculum for home preview please contact your middle school principal or Melissa Davis, Director of Assessment & Accountability, mdavis@losal.org, (562) 799-4700 ext. 80462) To opt your child out of this instruction put your request in writing to your school principal.  



    Los Alamitos High School - Grade 9 Family Life Lessons

    Correlation Guide for the California Healthy Youth Act CLICK HERE

    Healthy Relationships CLICK HERE


    Sexual & Gender Indentity CLICK HERE

    Sexual & Reproductive Anatomy CLICK HERE

    Birth Control CLICK HERE