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    BYOD WiFi

    In order to utilize the LosAlBYOD network, devices must perform a one-time install of two security certificates. Please select your device type below and follow the directions.

    Los Alamitos USD provides WiFi access to all students, staff, and approved guest. All traffic is monitored for Federal and State internet compliance and use is governed by the Acceptable Use Policy shown below. Application usage is also tracked.

    Manual Mac Certificate Installation Instructions
    Step 1:
    Download the 1st Mac Network Certificate.
    Step 2: Open the certificate file. In the “Keychain” dropdown, choose “System”.
    Step 3: Enter the username and password you used to log in to your Mac.
    Step 4: In the top right of your screen, click on the Spotlight icon (looks like a magnifying glass).
    Step 5: Type in “Keychain Access” and hit enter.
    Step 6: On the lefthand side, click on “System” then double click “*.securly.com”.
    Step 7: Click on the dropdown arrow to the left of “Trust”. Change “When using this certificate” to “Always Trust”.
    Step 8: Download the 2nd Mac Network Certificate & repeat the steps above. It will be named “losal-DOFCA01-CA” for step 6.

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