• - MR. ARNOLD – Core Supplies List - 

    Please have supplies by Tuesday, August 13

    (You will use most of these same supplies for History)


    Supplies needed:

    (these items will be kept by the student) 

    • Headphones (to use with Chromebook).  Please label with your name.
    • Computer mouse (to use with Chromebook).  Please label with your name. (Note:  I suggest you get an inexpensive one with a cord so the USB portion is not lost)
    • 2-inch (minimum) Binder or 5-pocket vertical expandable file folder.  (Note: for binders, a “heavy duty” binder is best and may last the entire year if handled carefully.  Zippered binders are fine, but they usually don’t last an entire year.)
    • Dividers
    • 2 composition books (ideally at least 100 pages each, but 80 pages is fine)
    • Pencils (either mechanical or old-school pencils) and/or erasable pens
    • Highlighter
    • Eraser
    • Red or blue pen(s) - used often, so you may need more than one
    • 1 Glue stick (used occasionally)
    • Pencil sharpener (with lid to hold shavings)
    • Filler paper (you should always have at least 20 extra sheets)
    • Pencil pouch or supply pocket (with 3 holes to fit in binder)
    • 2-pocket folder
    • Colored pencils


    Optional - used occasionally: 

    • Fine tip felt markers
    • Ruler
    • Mini Stapler
    • Scissors
    • 3-hole punch for a binder
    • Index cards


    Classroom donations are greatly appreciated! 

    • Needed classroom supplies:  tissues, colored copy paper, Clorox wipes, and Jolly Ranchers (or any other small individually-wrapped candies)


    *Students do not need to have all of these supplies on the first day of school, but should have them by August 13th.*


    *Please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to obtain the needed supplies.