• Mr. Welch


    Algebra I-Classroom Management Plan






    This mathematics will prepare you for success in college, in careers, and in daily life in the 21st century. It helps you to develop the ability to: explore and solve mathematical problems, think critically, work cooperatively with others, and communicate ideas clearly.




    1. 3-ring binder with 5 dividers
      1. Warm-Ups
      2. Homework
      3. Notes
      4. Quizzes
      5. Tests
    1. College rule lined paper
    2. Pencils and pens
    3. Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS recommended)


    Note: You are required to bring your notebook, pencils, and calculator to class daily!!


    1. Each student is expected to complete, to the best of his/her ability, each homework assignment. Homework is practice. A failure to practice may result in disappointing exam scores. Lower than expected exam scores may result in a lower than expected semester grade since exam scores account for 60% of your semester grade.





    90 – 100%      A

    80 – 89%        B

    70 - 79%         C

    60 - 69%         D

    Below 60%     F


    Points will be accumulated through exams, quizzes, and homework. Some of these activities may be group activities. Semester grade percentages will be rounded to the nearest whole number (ones place). For example, 81.50 through 82.49 will round to 82, and 82.50 through 83.49 will round to 83. The semester grade will be weighted according to the following scale:





    Final Exam






    Grades will be updated no later than one week after every chapter exam. The citizenship mark on progress reports and semester grades will be determined by classroom behavior. The work habits mark on progress reports and semester grades will be determined by the homework grade and awarded as follows:






    89.50% and above



    59.49% and below







    I am available for extra help most days before school, during lunch, and after school. Occasionally I have meetings or personal matters that would make me inaccessible. Please check with me to ensure my availability.



    Bookwork will be assigned by unit and will be available the first day of notes for that unit. Bookwork is due daily unless otherwise noted. Any late homework can be completed for 50% credit until the date of the unit exam. DeltaMath will be due the night before the unit quiz. Grading will be determined by the percentage of homework complete by 11:59pm the night before the unit quiz. IE: if a student only completes 60% of the unit’s assigned homework, the grade on aeries will be a 60/100 for DeltaMath that unit.


    Your homework grade will be weighted 50% for DeltaMath and 50% for bookwork and other worksheets. 


    When given an assignment of odd-numbered problems from the textbook, you should ALWAYS check your answer with the answer shown in the back of the book. When given an assignment of even-numbered problems from the textbook, or a worksheet assignment, you should copy the answers before you leave class, or check your answers at the beginning of the following class. You should ALWAYS use your notes from class, the textbook, the publisher's website, ask a friend or Mr. Welch for help, attend a tutoring session, or attend Griffin lab to get help in completing any problem that you could not complete by yourself.


    Should you misplace your calendar, you may access the current chapter’s homework assignments at https://www.losal.org/lahs. Under the TEACHERS tab, choose Weis, A, then click on the left side “Algebra 1” and then click on "Algebra 1 Homework Assignments".





    Each exam date will be announced at the beginning of each chapter. You will be expected to complete the exam on its scheduled date whether or not you are present on the day of the exam review. For absences of more than 1 day, I follow board policy with regard to make-up work. For example, if you are absent 2 days, you must complete the exam no later than 2 days from its originally scheduled date.  If you must complete the exam on a day other than its originally scheduled date, you must complete the exam during class time.  If you are completing your exam during class time on a day other than its originally scheduled date, you will be responsible for obtaining the lecture notes from me or another student.


    There will be opportunities throughout the semester for students to retake a chapter exam to improve their initial score. In order to qualify for the retake exam, each student is responsible for obtaining from me, and completing, a packet of practice problems. Failure to completely adhere to the packet instructions will result in a forfeit of the ability to retake that chapter’s test.  The retake test date will be written on the packet.  The retake exam will be administered before or after school only on the announced test date. 


    Cheating is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated. Students will abide by the Academic Honesty Code outlined on p. 7 in the Student and Parent Handbook. A student who is in possession of, but not limited to, an electronic device, a cheat sheet, notes, copies of an exam, their textbook, or a visible cell phone during any of the testing situation is cheating. If these items are found prior to the distribution of the test or quiz, it is considered “intent to cheat”. The student will hand these items over and be allowed to take the test or quiz, and their test or quiz grade will be lowered 10%. If these items are found during the test or quiz, the student will receive a zero with no possibility of regaining any of those points. They will also be referred to their counselor, the event noted on their permanent record and receive an N for citizenship. The giving or receiving of information during a testing situation will have the same consequences listed above.


    The evening before each exam, a virtual study session, called Griffin Virtual lab, will be run by one of our math teachers.  To access the GVL, visit the Los Al website.  On the right side of the website, click on the red "Griffin Virtual Lab" button.  Then click on the link, click on the Algebra 1 button.  To access the GVL, you must sign in with your name!  You may access the GVL at any time during the hour listed for the session.  You do not need to join the session at the beginning, nor do you need to stay on the session until the end.  You may ask questions via the chat box or just watch and listen to the instructor answer other student questions.  Approximately one hour after the GVL has ended, the recorded session will be uploaded and available to view only.  The GVL schedule for the fall semester is listed below.


    Pearson Website


    The online textbook MUST be accessed through your student's Los Al portal.  Login to mylosal.golosal.net.  Once they have accessed the Pearson App, they would use their golosal.net information again to login.