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    Draft Trustee Area Maps

    The Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education is considering draft maps of trustee voting areas before adopting a final map. 

    Based on community input and its own deliberations, the Board at its Jan. 7, 2020, meeting eliminated the Orange 2 and Green 3 map options from consideration. The two maps remaining under consideration are the Yellow 3 and Green 4 options linked below. The Board intends to choose a final map at its Jan. 21 regular meeting. 

    The maps under consideration meet the legal ±10% deviation requirement for equal population in each trustee area. Each map includes a majority non-white Area 1 in the northern part of the District that links Old Town Los Alamitos, Apartment Row and the portion of Cypress in Los Alamitos Unified. 

    The first link below is an interactive display that allows the viewer to compare the maps and to search addresses within the District. When the link is clicked, instructions appear on how to use the display. As in a typical app, such as Google Maps, the trustee area maps can be zoomed in or out and the underlying base map can be customized in various ways (street map, satellite view, etc). By default the locations of the District schools are marked on the display.

    Interactive Display of Draft Trustee Area Maps


    These are the two draft trustee area maps under consideration by the Board. Each map linked below is accompanied by a narrative summary and underlying demographic data, including comparative community populations and voter registration figures for each trustee area.

    Yellow 3 Map

    Green 4 Map


    The links below are to previous draft maps that are no longer under consideration by the Board.

    Teal Map

    Purple Map

    Green Map

    Green 2 Map

    Green 3 Map

    Orange Map

    Orange 2 Map

    Yellow Map

    Yellow 2 Map