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    Come visit us for tutoring help in Physics, Computer Science, English, Math, and more in Room #703 (it's free!)


    Open hours*:

    Tuesdays            2:45-3:45

    Fridays               2:45-3:45

     *If you need more time, Brandon is available after hours.

  • Supported subjects:


    English & writing 

    Computer Science 

    Chemistry CP




    CP = College Prep.

    AP = Advanced Placement

     = Every traditional course at our school is offered

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    Brandon Paul 

    Mr. Eisenberg


    Want to be a tutor?

    Please contact Brandon here or come after school for an interview. All tutors will be asked to join a Remind class and abide by the program's rules.


    Tutor requirements*:

    1. At least one year of a Physics class (or in their respective subject), in which the candidate received an A in at least one semester of the course.

    2. Tutors are chosen based on their knowledge in their subject and their level of interest in teaching others.

    3. All tutors will be asked to attend at least whenever their particular subject is expected to be taught.


    *More information will be given to all prospective students.