There will be four parts in the ceramic final: 

    1.  A word bank with definitions below.
    2.  A fill in the blank section without a word bank.
    3.  A multiple choice section.
    4.  A paragraph response to a specific critique question with photo resource.

    The following vocabulary list includes words you should know for the final.

    Abstraction                                                                       Balance
    Bisque                                                                              Burnish
    Carve                                                                               Coil
    Color                                                                                Concept
    Craftsmanship                                                                  Dominant
    Emphasis                                                                         Extrude
    Fire                                                                                   Form
    Foot                                                                                  Geometric
    Glaze                                                      Greenware                                                                        Kiln
    Knit                                                                                    Line
    Lip                                                                                     Movement                                                                         Pierce
    Pinchpot                                                                            Positive
    Negative                                                                            Organic
    Presspot                                                                            Refine
    Repetition                                                                          Score
    Shape                                                                                Slab
    Slip                                                                                    Space
    Subordinate                                                                       Symbol
    Technique                                                                          Texture
    Theme                                                                               Throw
    Thumbnail                                                                          Trim
    Undercut                                                                            Unity
    Variation                                                                             Value