Finite Mathematics

    Finite Mathematics

    This course is designed as a post Algebra II class for those students who do not want to pursue the Calculus sequence at this time.   It has traditionally been a freshman college class for those who are majoring in the Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and any other non-mathematics based majors. 


    First Semester                                                                                     Second Semester                                               

    Linear Functions                                                                                                 

    Logic                                                                                                      Counting Theory

    Systems of Equations                                                                              Probability

    Matrices                                                                                                Conditional Probability

    Linear Programming - Geometric                                                             Statistics

    Linear Programming - Algebraic                                                              Normal Distributions

    Math of Finance (Including Banking)                                                        Game Theory      


    MATERIALS REQUIRED:  Textbook: Applied Finite Mathematics by Tan

           Calculator – a non-graphing will be needed

            Paper – lined and graph

            Spiral notebook



    STANDARD GRADING POLICY:  Grades will be based on points accumulated through:  homework, tests, projects and quizzes .  The distribution is as follows:  70% Tests and 20% Homework and

    10% Other


    The grading scale:  A  90 - 100 %         B  80 - 89.9 %      C  70 - 79.9 %

        D  60 - 69.9 %      F  Below 60 %                                                               


    Effort grades will be based primarily on homework and in class work.  Citizenship grades are based on classroom behavior and attendance.


    ONLINE GRADES:  Grades will be posted online. 


    HOMEWORK POLICY:  Homework will be assigned almost everyday and it is to be completed prior to the next class meeting. Students will receive points for homework, based on the completeness of the assignment.   All work must be shown on homework in order to receive credit.


    MAKE-UP POLICY:  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed. Students will be given as many days as they were absent to make up homework. Tests make-ups will be given for excused absences, and students must arrange with me on the day of their return for a time to make up the test. Quizzes are only made up if they have not been passed back and it is in the student’s best interest to take it. Otherwise the student will be given a % for the quiz equivalent to the score they get on the unit test for that unit.


    RULES:  Students are expected to be respectful to all people in the classroom.  There will be no eating or drinking in the classroom.  Leaving the room during class, disrupting the class, and being tardy will result in detention.  All phones will be placed in the cell phone holder in the front of the room at the start of each class. The Academic Honesty Code in the Parent-Student Handbook will be followed.


    VOICE MAIL/ E-MAIL:  I may be reached at 562) 799-4780 ext. 82409. My email address:  dbarker@losal.org   I will respond to either as quickly as possible, but emails tend to get a much quicker response.  I encourage all students to come in for extra help if needed.