2011 Brosius photoAs always, I am excited to get the year going!! I believe that teaching at Los Al is the best place in the world to teach, with the best kids known to man kind! A little overstated? I don't think so! I love what I do and I love the kids I work with. I expect each student to actively pursue excellence every day they step into my class. The class is set up as a paperless English class; computers serve as the student's notebook, i.e. virtual notebooks. An extension to our classroom at LAHS is the virtual class set up at http://dbrosius.edublogs.org/; this serves as the perfect way to extend the learning from class to home. Only two rules to follow, represent the expectations of intelligent respectful students and always be nice to people. Ready to pursue excellence? Let's do this!

    Check the class blog for a review of last week and a glance at the week to come. Supplementary sources will be linked to your course information found in the sidebar under course heading.

    Contact Me


    I am always available to speak to you at school- morning, break, lunch, or after school- Do not leave school confused about any assignment. I will make myself available for clarifications.

    Phone: ( 562) 799-4780, ext. 82760
    Email: dbrosius@losal.org

    Email: teaching.eng@gmail.com

    Students turn in homework at: If you are ecologically minded and want to help save trees , or if you miss class because of unforeseen circumstances turn your work in virtually. Late work is not acceptable, computer error is not an acceptable excuse for late work, either.

    Schoology: We will use this forum as a class tool for group discussions and as an opportunity to expand on the information learned in class. The forum will cultivate an environment that encourages insightful connections to previously learned concepts as well as thinking passed the literal. You will begin to realize the critical element of peer commentary.  This commentary will help you gain more insight into topic discussed. Students using this forum will participate in an appropriate intelligent manner. Standard English will be expected as a means to practice written expression.

    Virtual Classroom: Weekly agendas, upcoming assignment, reminders, and peer discussions can be found here. Use the virtual class as a resource for more in depth understanding.



    If you need extra help I am available before school, during 6th period and after school.

    Period 1 - AP Language & Comp.
    Period 2 - AP Language & Comp.

    Period 3 - Modern Literature & Comp.

    Period 4 - Modern Literature & Comp.

    Period 5 - Modern Literature & Comp.

    Period 6 - Conference Period
    believe in it, acheive it!