Health Curriculum

Supplemental Lessons for Compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act (AB329)

Under the California Healthy Youth Act, Education Code (EC) sections 51930-51939, school districts must integrate the instruction of comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education into the classroom once in middle school and once in high-school.  Parents have the right to opt out of the instructional unit by stating their desire to have their child not participate in writing to their school principal.


Middle School - Gr. 7 & 8 Comprehensive Sexual Health Curriculum

Positive Prevention Plus, Sexual Health Education for America's Youth (Middle School Edition)

Correlation Guide for California Healthy Youth Act CLICK HERE

Lesson Objectives & Video Link Guide for Positive Prevention Plus CLICK HERE

Lesson Wrap-Up Discussion Questions & Lesson Activities CLICK HERE

OCDE Newsroom Article, April 2018: 6 Questions & Answers about the CA Healthy Youth Act CLICK HERE

California Legislation Regarding Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: AB329  CLICK HERE

Positive Prevention Plus Parent Resource Guide CLICK HERE


Middle School Instructional Materials Preview:

A copy of the curriculum is available for preview at both Oak Middle School and McAuliffe Middle School.  If you have any questions regarding the curriculum preview please contact Melissa Davis, Director of Education Services,, (562) 799-4700 ext. 80463. 

To opt your child out of this instruction put your request in writing to your school principal.  


Los Alamitos High School - Grade 9 Comprehensive Sexual Education Lessons

Correlation Guide for the California Healthy Youth Act CLICK HERE

Healthy Relationships CLICK HERE


Sexual & Gender Identity CLICK HERE

Sexual & Reproductive Anatomy CLICK HERE

Birth Control CLICK HERE