Human Relations Taskforce

Mission Statement:

We are diverse representatives of the Los Al Unified community who are committed to promoting an equitable learning environment that is safe, fair, inclusive, respects the diversity of perspectives, and the dignity of every person.

We will examine the educational environment, collaborate with stakeholders and propose solutions to strengthen our human relations that reflect our community's commitment to promoting a culture of student empowerment, fairness, diversity, and equality. An equitable learning environment cultivates the gifts and talents of each student so they can achieve their full potential.

Our subcommittees:

  • Best Practices for Social Media Use
  • Professional Development
  • Hiring Practices
  • Discipline
  • Parent and Community Education
  • Developing and Strengthening District-wide Human Relations Programs

Our Purpose:

The Human Relations Task Force purpose is to make recommendations to the Superintendent's Cabinet and the Board of Education on issues regarding diversity, equity, access, and inclusion to further the District's ongoing commitment to creating schools in which all students, families, and community members feel safe and included.

These issues can include bias-related incidents, anti-bias education, recommendations for professional development, parent and student human relations education, restorative practices and other issues related to diversity. This group is led by the District's Human Relations Task Force Facilitator and Consultant who works in tandem with schools and the District office.

Our Goals:

Create a diverse body that is focused on strategies and practices to create and sustain a positive human relations climate throughout the district; Present different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas for addressing issues of bias; Participants become ambassadors of positive human relations and; Support a culture of acceptance, positive change and inclusion.

Upcoming Events:

HRTF Parent Ed Night January 13 - Bringing Restorative Practices Home